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Folks, we must admit we’ve just come back from possibly the longest break since this blog started. In case you’re wondering, no. We haven’t lost interest. Just that now, that the season is over there is really precious little to write about. Even the media has gone relatively quite. Unless of course, if you are reading TribalFootball. They are blessed with a sixth sense that we mortals do not possess. So let’s get on with the mere scraps of news that we get to read, shall we?

1. More quotes from Sir Alex as he talks about ‘a blueprint for success’ that this young team is armed with:

“A lot of them have just won their first title, that must help them,” he said. “It gives them the confidence and also lays down a certain system of how you can win the league.
“They’ve shown great resilience right through 29 weeks at the top of the league with someone breathing right down your neck, and that’s not easy.
“These are things that I’m sure will help them, and they’re young enough for us to expect development anyway.
“I think they’re helped by the experience of Scholes, Giggs, Neville and Solskjaer, and I think they’ll be alright for a couple of years at least.”

He also talks about team bonding, combining graft with flair, and tips Chelsea to remain their main rivals come next season. Arsenal, ‘Pool… do I hear an ouch there? Do feel sorry for the Arse though; does hurt to think you are the Harlem Globetrotters of football only to see that the opposition is not watching your ‘prettyness’ with awe, but kicking you out of the park, spoiling your show. But well I am not counting them out of next season yet. A long summer ahead. So we’ll get to talking about opposition in a couple months time.

2. Carlos Queiroz thinks the boss still has the hunger and will to keep the team going. Speaking of which, I think we must give some credit to our Assistant coach. His 4-5-1/4-3-3 system hadn’t gone down too well with a lot of us fans, but his role in the team this season has been far more significant than ever. I am sure he’s had a big role in helping out Ronaldo during his post world cup ‘crisis’. And the Portuguese’s presence has also made the arrival of starlets like Nani (still a speculation) a possibility.

3. Henrik Larsson feels honoured to come to Wembley to watch the FA Cup final after being invited by the club as a guest. He didn’t score many goals. But he kept up the fluidity in our play, by settling down very quickly, when Saha was injured. Played the role of super-stopgap to perfection.

4. In other news, unsurprisingly, Saha is definitely not playing the final. And so is Neville. Giggs will skipper the team.

5. And finally some gossip that you would want to get over with but sticks to you like that irritating pebble in the sole of your shoe. For the 836th time some paper/blog/tabloid/rag/grasshopper (whatever you may call it) has said that Bayern and United have agreed a deal with Owen Hargreaves. For the 657th time ten strikers are linked with United. For the 5th time people have started linking Malouda with United. For the 1st time ever, Darren Fletcher has sported an Afro. (okay I made that one up. You know, some fantasies.)
For point 5, I decided not to link to the actual stories for the simple reason that they are quite possibly subject to change the moment you finish reading this sentence. Which begs the question, why post it in the first place?

Hmm… moving on,

6. David Conn of the Guardian has apparently served as the financial advisor that the Glazers did not consult before buying the club, going by the facts that he presented in the article. Decently written article though. But then we know that there is going to be an increase in the ticket prices, despite the bumper TV deal. We know that the Glazers are going to milk every penny. But well, fans are fans. We will still support the club despite the misery the family could plunge the club in. They seem decent businessmen so far, and I prefer their relative anonymity to the new high fly Scouse owners.

Oh well. As they say, It’s all about results, innit?