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West Ham beat United and much has been discussed by Ahmed on how Fergie and the team ‘threw’ the game away. I was a bit groggy eyed and over slept, so couldn’t catch the game here in Yankee land. Anyway, West Ham staying in the Premiership at the cost of the Blades will probably start a debate that will end up in the courts. Tevez however, can be assured that he will be exalted to the status of a demi-God at Upton Park and maybe, just maybe, Sir Alex might have gotten interested. Well, if you believe Tribal Football he might be on his way to Old Trafford already. But as far as reliable news stories are concerned here are some of the more prominent ones of the day.

1. Giuseppe Rossi is desperate to be given a chance to prove himself at United. Fair enough, I say. I am not particularly keen on buying an out and out striker for the next season. (I would prefer a winger) Given the number of chances United generally create in a game, one would expect someone of the finishing ability of Rossi to put them away more often than Saha. Although we will have to wait and hope Sir Alex gives him a good run in the team.

2. Ryan Giggs speaks to Paul Wilson of the Guardian on the potential of this team, while Fletcher has called for this season’s title to be the first of many more years of continued dominance. While Giggs remains his usual modest self, (go read) Fletch deserves a special mention here. Yours truly and some others here have been quite critical in the past about his abilities. Agreed, he is not your typical flair player and is limited, but his contribution this season was very significant, putting performances that were worthy of wearing the shirt. Not just in the league, but even in Europe.

3. The Independent had a column which was nothing more than a preview article for the FA Cup final at Wembley against the Blues. It mentions some of the things that we know, like saying Drogba is the key from Chelsea’s POV. Oh well.

4. The Times runs a story begging one of the ‘Big Four’ to buy Michael Owen. I wonder if it is the beginning of a downward spiral that a newspaper like Times would take towards Tribal Football-dom. Not that the article is speculative or such. Just that it features someone like Owen who’s been through injury hell, and more so the fans of Newcastle (some times even from a United fan, you have to hand it to the Geordies for their faith in the 110,000-pound a week striker) From a United point of view, I don’t think we should buy a player whose injury record is worse than Saha’s. And he is no more the same young electric striker of old. I am not writing his finishing abilities off just yet.

5. And lastly, although it is in no way related to United, yet related from a fans point of view, I thought I might point you out to this excellent piece on the Guardian that talks about Schalke and its fan culture that ranges from the manic to the psychopath like a lot of clubs here. But there is also a constructive and romantic element to it, contrasted with these days of foreign owners and seemingly alienated fans.

And that should wrap up the stories for the day. On a day United came home with the Premiership trophy, with the celebrations only slightly tempered by defeat by West Ham. Not that it matters to us at least.