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Man Utd Headlines: 25 May 2007

We have been rather quiet on the news front. You can’t really blame us for that. We can talk about only what is reported in the media. Although if you do in fact get to know something fresh and hot worth talking about you could tip us off using the contact form provided. Make sure you let us know the source so that we’re sure if it is reasonably authentic. We’ll gladly report that bit of news giving you due credit.

But as things stand now, here’s the little that’s come up over the last couple of days.

1. Owen Hargreaves has reportedly arrived at the Carrington ground on Thursday to thrash out the details of his deal that will see him sign for the Devils. He was anyway expected to complete these formalities when he joins up with his England mates, ahead of the England B game. Although I wonder if he’s actually going to play the game against Albania. Hopefully he saves us another day of agony and signs on the dotted line.

2., the official United website, has been running individual player season reviews over the past few days. Go over to the website for the official perspective. Of course you could also follow our series of reviews both here as well as at our sister site, SoccerLens.

3. Darren Fletcher feels a good performance for Scotland can help erase the disappointments of not winning the FA Cup from his system.

4. And in ridiculous news, more clubs keep getting linked with Heinze. It was Bayern not long ago, then for a while there was Madrid then came Juventus, and now we have *gulp* Villarreal! Expect Nottingham Forrest and Leeds to battle it out for the Argentinian soon.

5. Oh yes! One more rumour that I like a lot, so I am posting it. The Sun (yes, that beacon of truth and virtue) reckon Spurs are in for a swap deal for Dimitar Berbatov that involves Saha plus £27M. I really like the sound of it, but I reiterate that if it’s going to happen Jol’s house will be bombed by angry Spurs fans. I’m sure the Tony Soprano of North London might value his life more than that.

Nothing much other than that. Kinda explains my link to an article in The Sun.