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Man Utd Headlines: 21 May 2007

Another day dawns. The gut still feels a bit sore after the FA Cup loss, but it has mostly healed to a great degree, thanks to the Premiership crown. But with lack of inactivity football-wise, the head now seems to feel sore. Long summer beckons. Maybe watching a second string Brazil side play the Copa America might help, but I digress.

Anyway here are the Man Utd stories of the day. The stories that I felt worth discussing that is.

1. Owen Hargreaves has left Bayern Munich, for sure. Even says so. But I am still waiting for news that he is joining United. Forgive my scepticism, we all assume he will come to Old Trafford. But this thing has gone on for so long that I need to see him unveiled in a United shirt before I start believing.

2. The Times has jumped onto the bandwagon of respected newspapers/sites that have decided to inexplicably turn into rags overnight. The Times reports Heinze is going to leave United. Sir Alex named him captain only a couple of games back, and when he does that he really means it. This is the kind of lazy reporting that is really worrying. It’s some kind of epidemic spreading across newspapers and websites. (Refer to our earlier discussion on Nani for another instance of news-whoring) Is it only this summer, or is everyone suddenly desperate for adsense cash? Anyway we bloggers here are willing to put our asses on the line by assuring fans that Heinze will not leave this season. Nuke us if he does.

And may I add, we do not even need Gareth Bale. But that’s my personal opinion.

3. Now it’s Riquelme’s turn to tell the world that he is still alive and kicking the ball. This Argentinian playmaker, who not so long ago was the object of desire of many big clubs, now claims that he snubbed a move to United. Well no offence to Riquelme, but it is a big challenge for an Argentinian to succeed at England, historically speaking that is. Veron was the greatest midfielder before coming to Old Trafford.

That Argentina talk brings us back to Heinze who was so bloody good in his first season. It speaks volumes of his ability. So don’t ever dare question him again. Period. We shall not speculate on him again.

4. Finally we come to the last of an article that has definitely been in a bad mood with all the utter tosh thrown about. Perennial pot-smoking writer Daniel Taylor has now said that Ronaldo has once again bottled it on the big occasion. And oh yeah in case you haven’t heard much about him here is another recent gem that I will quote:

Ferguson likes the idea of Hargreaves taking a defensive-midfield role alongside Michael Carrick, with Scholes pushed further forward in an attack-minded 4-2-3-1 formation, ideally with Louis Saha as the most advanced striker.


If that was the case, where would Rooney play? The wing? Then what of the talk of buying new strikers or new wingers. Where will they play? Tough questions demanding tough answers.

Maybe I am being too hard on him. Maybe I am really in a bad mood. Oh well, you decide.