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Man Utd 1-2 Man City: City Do the Double

I really don’t feel like writing a match report. It can’t get any worse can it? City, of all the clubs in the world, win against us; we put on a limp display on a day which was supposed to commemorate a side known for playing one of the most free-flowing forms of the game; and the blue half actually do the double on us this season.

I just can’t think of anything uplifting at the moment either. I could, of course, cite Chelsea’s inability to capitalise on this slip up on our part. Or I could sit and hope Mark Hughes does us a favour today against Arsenal. But that’s really it.

Recently, it has come to my notice that whenever I wrote a match report following a loss, I have invariably praised the opposition and given it due credit for being the better side. At least the last time when we lost to City it was bad luck, more than anything.

But yesterday, I couldn’t see much to say that United deserved anything out of this. I couldn’t even look to chide the Citeh fans, who were well behaved during the one minute silence.

Citeh got what they deserved, and so did we. I don’t want to really go deep analysing things for today because a lot was wrong about our display. I could have talked about Rooney’s and Evra’s absence, but those are excuses. The side we put out should have beaten a Man City side that have been well below par in recent weeks. It was derby day, an occasion to rise up to — enough motivation to win. And they didn’t. Maybe I am being too hard, or maybe it was the occasion that put undue pressure on them.

But they have to rise up to such occasions and not go missing. I am letting my emotions get the better of me here, which is certainly uncharacteristic of me. But I am feeling quite bitter about yesterday and so I will end what has been a rather incoherent post from my side.

See you when I get my spirits higher than this.

Edit: Oh, and the official reason for our defeat: Fatigue due to internationals. And here we are discussing the possibility of a 39th game, not to mention our short jaunt to Saudi Arabia. Oh, the irony!