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Man United overhaul scouting department to streamline recruitment process

Manchester United are revamping their scouting system, targeting youth and first-team levels to enhance player recruitment, The Athletic reports.

The restructuring aims to bring about more efficient communication and accountability in player recommendations, a welcome shift for those familiar with the club’s recruitment process.

The head of academy recruitment will narrow their focus to domestic talents, while international youth scouts are being consolidated under senior management. 

The alteration is partially a response to Brexit regulations, which have limited the club’s ability to sign under-18 players from Europe.

Former head of academy recruitment, Dave Harrison, will now oversee the scouting of foreign talent among 15-20-year-olds outside the United Kingdom. 

While Man United want to streamline their scouting and recruitment process, the club is also adapting to recent Football Association (FA) legislation. 

The FA permits Premier League clubs up to four ‘wildcard’ signings beyond standard guidelines, including U18 players who do not meet traditional work permit criteria. 

Man United’s scouting revamp extends to youth recruitment, with Luke Fedorenko now taking the helm as head of academy recruitment. His primary focus will shift toward domestic players.

New positions are also being created to specialize in local recruitment of players aged up to 14 and national recruitment of players between the ages of 13-16 and 17-20. 

The Red Devils are determined to build strong relationships across the football industry to stay informed about potential talent and the logistical aspects of player signings.

Man United are also creating a new position for leading negotiations in academy recruitment, separate from first-team signings, with the club striving to strengthen their overall recruitment operations. 

As part of this restructuring, several staff members have left the club, making room for a mix of internal and external appointments.

These changes are poised to reshape Man United’s approach to scouting and player recruitment, fostering quicker and more effective identification and acquisition of emerging talents.

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