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Man United attacker Marcus Rashford snaps back at overt media criticism

Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford has addressed the recent scrutiny surrounding his performances and commitment to the club via an interview with The Player’s Tribune.

Rashford opened up about the challenges he faces as a public figure and the misconceptions perpetuated by the media.

“I don’t usually respond to what’s said about me,” Rashford admitted. “But sometimes, certain lines get crossed, and I feel the need to set the record straight.”

The United attacker, who has struggled for form this season, has received relentless attention from the media and vented his frustration at being reduced to a mere character in the public eye. 

He was hounded for calling in sick to training after a night out in Belfast while the media also put his brother in the spotlight for his legal troubles.

“It’s like they’re not really writing about me,” Rashford added. “They’re writing about this persona, Marcus Rashford.”

The 26-year-old believes his activism during the pandemic, particularly his efforts to combat child hunger, seemed to invite unwarranted criticism. 

“For some reason, that seemed to rub certain people the wrong way,” Rashford said. “It’s like they’ve been waiting for me to slip up so they can pass judgment.”

Despite the external pressures, Rashford reiterated his commitment to the United cause. He is aware of his struggles on the pitch and is working towards hitting his top form.

Rashford insists he will bounce back. “I’m not perfect, but I’ll always strive to do better, and if anyone questions my loyalty to this club, they’re questioning my entire identity,” he said.

“Every time I’ve been down, I’ve turned it around, and I promise you, the world has not seen the best of this United squad. If you back me, good. If you doubt me, even better.”

United will be keen to see their academy graduate reach the levels he reached last season when he bagged 30 goals to help United win the League Cup and secure a place in the Champions League.

The Red Devils are sixth in the Premier League, eight points away from Aston Villa in fourth.

They need Rashford to start performing, especially with crucial fixtures against Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea on the agenda.

With in-form striker Rasmus Hojlund sidelined with a minor injury, the England international will be relied upon to deliver the goods.