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LVG hints he could quit

Newcastle-v-Manchester-United (3)Louis Van Gaal has hinted he could quit Manchester United after admitting he has let the fans down after failing to meet their expectations during his 19-month spell at the club, which a fresh turn for the worse on Saturday as United lost 1-0 at home to Southampton.

The defeat leaves United in fifth place, four point adrift of fourth-placed Spurs and piled even more pressure on the Dutchman, whose side have scored 16 goals in the last 16 league games and have picked up just seven wins from their last 22 in all competitions, winning five of their last 16 Premier League games.

“I’m very disappointed that I cannot reach the expectations of the fans,” he said.

“They have – or they had – great expectations of me, and I cannot fulfil them, so I am very frustrated because of that.”


Asked whether he was remained committed to United and convinced he could turn things around, Van Gaal replied: “This question I shall never answer to you. We had to win this game and we could have won – but it’s not happening.

“You have to play football to entertain the fans. I don’t think we have entertained the fans, so they can be very angry.”



  1. colver

    25 January 2016 at 12:27

    We need to sack him. The main distinguishing characteristic under LVG compared to the Moyes regime was stability of results. Aside from a slow start which was expected given the changeover and a disappointing finish to the season for the most part last season we won the games we were expected to including some very good results against big teams and without being especially inspiring or exciting got the points we needed helped by a tight defence and spreading the goals around the team. We retained that stability for the first 3 months of the season even though our struggle to score raised concerns but LVG couldn’t fix the goalscoring problem, the defence started to leak goals and it is clear the players are fed up with his methods and have lost confidence in him. LVG’s “philosophy” is so demanding that it only works when the players are on board because it has so little margin for error. When you are set up to win games 1-0 defensive lapses or wastefulness in front of goal can really cost you and if your performances are flat and you are just going through the motions which applies to a lot of our players you’re bound to struggle.

    Of course the most damning criticism of LVG is the fact he’s been able to spend hundreds of millions and our points total is well behind last season at the same stage of the season and even below Moyes’ total. Selling Di Maria was a massive error as he could have been the something extra that would have possible kept us in the Champions League and rescued us from bore draws just like Ronaldo did back in the day. You can argue Di Maria never wanted to be here and didn’t deserve a place in the team. But he started brightly and a strong motivator for him leaving (and he has said as much) was being benched in the second half of the season and publicly criticized for “not getting the philosophy”. I also question the wisdom of bringing in Depay as a replacement. Promising no doubt but not really a team player and clearly finding it psychologically hard from being a big fish in a small pond to being pretty mediocre by Premiership standards and doesn’t seem to be working hard enough to improve preferring to drive fast cars and look flash. As Dutch coach LVG should have been familiar with the risks of the transfer and should have signed a more experienced, higher quality replacement for Di Maria. Similarly Schweisteneger for all his leadership skills is not dynamic enough for the Premier League and after already signing an uninspiring but efficient midfielder like Schneiderlin we really needed an all action midfielder capable of injecting some energy into our midfield. Martial was an inspired signing but like many young strikers he’s not yet prolific and needs to be in a team that creates lots of chances. It was stupid not to sign a central defender especially considering that Rojo was in the doghouse, Evans had been sold and Jones has never showed any signs of being able to stay fit. LVG knew this at the start of the season but preferred to experiment with Blind as a centre back. Finally it is crazy that players like Januzaj and Hernandez were never really given a proper run of games under LVG especially as it was obvious that Falcoa and Van Persie were past it last season and indeed were gone by last summer and Rooney was struggling with the burden of being the main striker and Mata was pretty useless as a right winger.

    I am quite happy with the idea of Giggs taking over. Mid season you don’t want a manager coming in and making massive changes and Giggs as a caretaker manager familiar with the LVG methods will be able to make little tweaks injecting a bit more of a positive approach e.g. shifting to a 4-4-2 playing with wingers shifting Herrera into central midfield alongside Schneiderlin and most of all improving morale and that will improve results by itself. Especially as there is a rumour that Ferguson is willing to help guide Giggs through the rest of the season. We can also keep our options open in the summer making Mourinho sweat a little and prove to us that he wants the job bad enough that he lets us dictate the terms and also retaining an outside chance in the interim of persuading Guardiola to join us rather than City.

  2. Karl

    25 January 2016 at 16:04

    LVG out…Jose in.
    It seems like we are going full circle in hiring whom we should have hired in the first place as SAFs successor…’the destined one’

  3. colver

    26 January 2016 at 12:05

    Problem is that Woodward has a desperate need to save face. Moyes was easy to sack because the blame could be laid on Ferguson for “anointing him” (even though it later came out that well before Moyes was eventually chosen Ferguson had tried to get Guardiola, Klopp and Ancelotti to join us). But Van Gaal was Woodward’s man. I think Woodward is pinning his hopes on persuading Pep to join us rather than City which would solve all his problems as it would be a massive coup and would delight the Board. Barring that I think Woodward’s Plan B is to persuade Van Gaal to retire at the end of the season with Giggs taking over to make it look as if things worked out as a planned albeit a year earlier than anticipated to preserve continuity and allay accusations of us being a club that chops and changes.

    But it is the time for pragmatism. We’ve assembled this super expensive squad and need a return on our investment. Putting aside for now criticism of Mourinho’s public image the main footballing criticisms are A) He doesn’t give youngsters a chance B) He plays boring football C) His transfer record sucks.

    The first criticism is flawed. We simply don’t produce youngsters of the requisite quality and probably never will. While some of our youngsters could eventually make it they will only be able to do so by playing lots of games at a much lower level. LVG’s approach of using stripping the squad bare and using youngsters to fill in when first team players get injured then dropping them when injury crises ease is completely stupid. While youngsters like Januzaj got less football than they did under Moyes. And spending big on fairly unproven youngsters like Depay and Martial may eventually pay off but with the proviso that they are good enough to play in the first team and any extra potential is just a huge bonus. With Martial that applies with Depay I am less convinced. Besides Mourinho has shown he is willing to buy and play youngsters when they are good enough. He gets criticized for not bringing through Lukaku, Sturridge and De Bruyne but the reality is they weren’t good enough when they were at Chelsea and under pressure to win trophies Mourinho couldn’t afford to give them regular games and gamble on them eventually coming good especially when he had better players available.

    The second criticism is slightly unfair the football may be boring at times but his teams score lots of goals and are nowhere near as cautious and defensive as LVG’s team.

    As for the third criticism who really knows how much control he had over transfer policy at Chelsea? In the modern game a manager doesn’t have the time to scout every weekend so is very reliant on the input of his scouts and other personnel involved in the transfer process. That is something we have to overhaul because the galactico strategy doesn’t work as the big names don’t want to join us. As well as bringing in Mourinho we need a technical director who can coordinate the scouting effort and work with the new boss to identify players needed to fill the gaps in our team.

  4. Julian

    27 January 2016 at 07:46

    I am convinced that the club want Giggs as LvG’s successor. The master plan was for the former flying winger turned coach to take over after 2017 but not before. They don’t want Mourinho, who admittedly is high risk and will dish out the same sort of football as LvG and they were never in for Guardiola having conceded that he is City bound.

    But the master plan is about to be scuppered. Things simply cannot go on as they are. LvG will either resign or be fired fairly soon I would think – unless things improve dramatically and there’s no sign of that happening. The only thing that might save LvG is some new players arriving in this window who can play his system. Once again there’s no sign of that happening either.

    The gamble for the board is that with a top 4 finish a sort of non-negotiable, are they more likely to get it with LvG bumbling on or with Giggs – as I said forget Mourinho? My view is that they should do everything possible to get Guardiola for next season. In the interim let LvG go – because the atmosphere surrounding him is becoming intolerable – and let Giggs run it until the end of the season. However, if Guardiola comes then that would most probably be the end of Giggs. I think most would accept that.

    Appointing Giggs on a permanent basis means back to the Fergie years with the latter becoming closely involved again. That would probably not be ideal, although any situation is likely to be better than the current one, is how it would be seen.

  5. Wally Yap

    1 February 2016 at 09:46

    ‘Louis Van Gaal has admitted he’s been left “bored and angry” by watching Manchester United this season, although he insisted his side’s struggles were also due to other teams setting up defensively against them.’

    ‘Louis Van Gaal has admitted he’s been left “bored and angry” by watching Manchester United this season, although he insisted his side’s struggles were also due to other teams setting up defensively against them.’

    There are no truer words than these.MU has been one of the most boring side this season.The players seem to have lost their footballing ability.With acres of space in front of them,the players are contented to pass the ball sideways and backwards within their own half of the field.This plodding attack allows the opponents to ‘park their bus’ defensively.Where are the surging runs up-field?Other than Martial and Young,where are the players bold enough to take on the opponents?The mid-field concentration is on defence rather than attack.

    The game against Southampton was a disaster.The number of shots attempted at goal can be counted on one hand.Goals win the game.There is no glory in having 85% possession.The Derby game was a much improved one but much more needs to be done if MU is to qualify for Europe’s Champions League,let alone win the the domestic title.

    In the old days opponents could score 3 goals against MU but Mu would bounce back with 4 goals.Today the opponents need score only one goal.

  6. Man United Hospitality

    27 May 2016 at 13:41

    He has gone now! and in comes the main man. I think we could be celebrating a premier league win this time next year. Back to the big time!

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