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LVG: “Fans can’t choose tactics”

Queens-Park-Rangers-v-Manchester-United-Premier-LeagueLouis Van Gaal has said that he won’t listen to the fans’ opinions when it comes to picking his team, for it’d be impossible to take into account the views of 600m supporters.

United fans chanted “four-four-two” early in the second half against QPR on Saturday, as they made clear they wanted to see United reverting to a more traditional system, having badly struggled with a 3-5-2 formation in the first half. However, Van Gaal said that despite the improved performance in the second half, he will not cave in to fans’ pressure and will continue to choose the system he deems more suited to the occasion.

“I have to look at the players, I have to communicate with the players and observe the players. I can’t observe the fans because Manchester United have 600 million fans all over the world. You can’t take into account 600 million opinions,” Van Gaal said.

“To look at the players, to communicate with the players, to observe, to analyse and so on. That’s my job as a manager. Before this match I’ve thought about this shape and to play it.

“Then I look to my players in a training session, I look to my game plan and then I choose and that depends, also, from what I see at the training ground.”

In his post-game interview on Saturday, the United manager admitted knowing his team tends to create more chances when playing with a four-man midfield but explained that his decision to adopt a 3-5-2 system was motivated by the need to maintain defensive balance.