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Longest odds on Man Utd you should consider

In football, like in many other areas, you need to invest if you want to be successful. The more you are willing to invest, the more likely it is to succeed. José Mourinho knows that full well. Despite the fact that the club’s transfer policy has been criticised, we hope that spending all that money will take the club where it belongs – at the very top of English and European football.

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Mourinho is onto something

When Mourinho came to the club, it was insisted that there is a number of things that he has to do if he wants to claim a major title this year. Different experts listed different things, but most mentioned the following:

  • Sign Paul Pogba – United lacked a creative force in midfield, someone how is able both to create chances for others and score himself;
  • Sign a prolific striker – With Rooney’s goal scoring abilities in decline, the club couldn’t rely only on young Rashford;
  • Change the style of play – United’s style last year was an absolute nightmare, as the club scored only 49 goals, fewer than each of the previous 26 seasons;
  • Create a core squad – Having too many fringe players isn’t good for the team cohesion. Players who play below expectations for a longer period, should perhaps leave;
  • Solve the Rooney situation – It is obvious that the icon of the club is no longer suited to play in front of goal at no. 9, but he is not a midfielder either.

It can safely be said that in a short period of time Mourinho managed to check three things of the list, and is on his way to check the fourth. Paul Pogba was signed, Ibra joined the club on Bosman and United already play more attacking football. Mourinho sold a lot more players than he bought and several players were loaned out and the club already looks more cohesive.

Mourinho said in a press-conference before the start of the season that Rooney is not a midfielder, yet he played him in midfield on several occasions. Hopefully, he will be able to find a suitable role for the captain.


The Red Devils can beat both Liverpool and Chelsea

The derby against Liverpool is fast approaching, followed by another tough match against Chelsea. The team had an unfortunate series of 3 losses, but things started improving. There is no better way for United to announce their title ambitions than by winning both games. So, perhaps you should consider betting on the following:

  • United to win at Liverpool;
  • United to win at Chelsea;
  • United to win by two or more goals at Liverpool;
  • Man United at lead at halftime and win at fulltime at Chelsea.

The odds for United to win against Liverpool may vary depending on the bookmaker. The best odds that you can get are 13/5. So, if you wager £20, you may win a total of £52, which is not bad at all. The odds against Chelsea are 23/10, which means that a £20 wager would win £46.


But if you really believe in Mourinho and the lads, you will consider betting United to win by two or more goals at Liverpool. The odds for that are 91/17, which means that you could win £53.5 with a £10 wager. The odds for United to lead at halftime and win at fulltime against Chelsea are 5/1, so with a £10 wager you could win £50.


We want titles!

Enough about the upcoming games, let’s talk titles. That’s what every United fan expects from Mourinho – a title. The odds for United to win a trophy, any trophy are 2/1. So, a £100 bet would bring a profit of £200. Pretty impressive!

Mourinho has managed to win a double on more than one occasion with his previous clubs. There’s no reason to believe that he won’t be able to do so with United. The odds for United to win two titles this year are 11/1. So, a £10 bet would bring £110 worth of profit, whereas if you dare to wager a £100, you will finish the season with a profit of £1,100.

But if you truly believe in miracles, the bet that United will win 3 titles this season is the right bet for you. It is not that unbelievable. Europa League was almost won by Liverpool last year, so why not Man Utd? The team only needs to win one domestic cup and the Premier League on top of that, or two cups perhaps. Either way, the odds are 125/1, so a small £10 wager would bring a massive £1,250 prize.