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Liverpool v Manchester United: Preview

At long last we get to some real footballing action. United travel to Anfield with a rather good record in recent times.

In pre-match trash talk, the Spanish waiter had a little dig at our club’s spending although, for some reason, it seems to escape his attention that he himself has spent about £200m since his arrival at Anfield. He has a Champions’ League medal to show for all that (with a squad predominantly inherited from Houllier).

They have everyone fit, including Gerrard and Torres. We have everyone fit barring Ronaldo. Even Mr. Crock (or Mr. New Saha) — Owen Hargreaves — is reportedly fit, barring pre-game warm-up complications.

We won last year 1-0, courtesy a set piece and went about the rest of the game defending and putting Torres into Rio’s back pocket. This year we have a pretty strong side, with added teeth in front in the form of Berbatov. I am really excited by his very presence in our squad, although I won’t be screaming doom and gloom if he flops tomorrow. And it would be good if others wouldn’t over expect from him straight away.

In formations, if he’s fit, Carrick will start alongside Scholes in midfield. The back four is settled. The rest four positions is interesting. Will he opt for a front three of Rooney, Tevez and Berbatov (which would mean Hargreaves will be our third central midfielder)? Or will he go for a straight 4-4-2 with Nani on the left and Hargreaves on the right with Rooney alongside Berbatov? Your guess is as good as mine.

So feel free to throw around crazy formations and predictions.

Prediction: 1-1. Yes, I can’t see beyond a draw, and I do hope I’m proved wrong and United win it.

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