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Liga de Quito v Manchester United, Club World Cup Final Match Thread

Manchester United take on Liga de Quito at the Yokohama International Stadium in 3 hours to play the Club World Cup final.

You like it, you don’t like it, it doesn’t matter anymore because in 5 hours or so we’ll either be World Champions (and the first British club to win the title) or the laughing stock of England because mark my words, while everyone puts down this competition, the moment United slip up we’re going to get pilloried with jibes of ‘you couldn’t beat the Mexicans’ and what not.

Quito’s coach has called us ‘the best team in England’, which I find partially offensive considering that we are by all rights the best team in the world, at least on the basis of last season.

Ferguson thinks Quito will be much stronger defensively than our previous opponents, and despite the goal-scoring frenzy last time around we’ll need to step our game up a couple of notches or else we’ll get a nasty surprise.


“I’m very pleased that we’re in the final, but we will be facing a stern test, as Liga de Quito are very strong defensively.

My assistant Mick Phelan and I saw a video of their semi-final against Pachuca and also had them watched by a scout. Quito are a typically South American side – solid at the back and dangerous in front of goal.

It will certainly be anything but an easy match, it is the final of the Club World Cup so you can’t expect an easy ride.”

Ronaldo wants to win everything as well – you’d think he’s won enough, but good for him and good for United if he’s still motivated to win more titles:

“I really want to win this trophy after the year I have had. Not just for me, but for United. No other British team has won it and we want to be the first to do that.

And I believe it will give us extra motivation to win the Champions League and Premier League again.”

I don’t think it gives us any extra motivation but if we’re in it, we might as well go on and give it a fair shot at winning. Plus with Liverpool failing last time around, it would be great to go one step further than them.

Berbatov is set to start on the bench, Fletcher, Carrick, Rooney, Park and Rafael are all set to start.

Predictions: 2-1 to Manchester United. We’re certain to concede given the circumstances but we should be able to put at least 2 goals past Quito.

Meanwhile back in England Arsenal take on Liverpool at the Emirates today while Chelsea take on Everton at Goodison Park tomorrow night. Let’s hope that Arsenal and Everton can take points off Pool and Chelsea and don’t leave us with too big of a mountain to climb when we get back.

Over to you.

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