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Last day finishes, lawnmowergate, trouble at the JJB… and other tales

It’s that day of the week again; the day you’d almost feel holiday-like but for the eight hour shift you’d have to put in before letting your hair down. Then again, as they say, thank God it’s Friday!

It’s been a hell of a week for me though, and I’m sure, for most Reds. I’ve not been quite as nervous for a whole week. I’m sure — although I hope not — the players would also be a bit nervous. Wigan have been comprehensively beaten by United almost always. But Steve Bruce’s side now have drawn Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal.

I haven’t seen Valencia play (apart from the world cup for Ecuador), nor have I seen Palacios. But I am beginning to believe that they may actually be decent. I still wonder if they are United class though. Surely they would be bought for squad depth, if at all; I still doubt if we are going for either of them.

Back to the Wigan game, though. has started running a three part series of last day finishes that United have been involved in. I am sure it’s not going to be a great idea, given we didn’t do particularly well when Blackburn won it in ’94/95. The Guardian offers a more sobering thought; United conceded the title to Man City, of all teams, in the last day of the 1965-68 season — although we still stole their thunder, so to speak, by winning the Champions’ League, that famous year.

Meanwhile there is trouble brewing at the JJB, from a Dave Whelan (Wigan owner) viewpoint. The large Red population, in and around Wigan, added to the fact that it is a last day finish, has brought a frown to the faces of those concerned with the club as £25 home tickets have been sold to away United fans for as much as £ 250 — which apparently is the cost of a Wigan season ticket! So the allocated 5000 United seats could now double up as United fans take their seats in the home section of the stadium.

Now I am really happy about this development. I’d assume there to be a pretty jolly atmosphere even from the home support because Wigan have nothing to play for. Whilst I am not saying that the home fans won’t get behind their club, fears of fan violence breaking out might be pushing it. It is good to have extra security as a precautionary measure, but I don’t think there is much to be worried about. More United fans in the JJB is always good. Hopefully the Wigan fans sellout all their tickets and make it a mini-OT for the final game. We need the crazy travelling support on Sunday.

Chelsea seem confident about being exonerated of racism charges in the delightfully coined ‘Lawnmowergate‘. But again, if you ask the folks at United they would also seem upbeat. So we’ll wait until a verdict is forthcoming.

Wayne Rooney still appears doubtful but we’ll have more details on that come Saturday/Sunday.

Meanwhile there has been speculation — more like will he, won’t he — regarding Huntelaar. But we’ll start talking about transfer targets once the season gets over. In fact, we can then start making a list of players we’re linked to, on a daily basis, just to see how silly things can be and at the end of the day, tick the ones that actually sign for us.

All that once this season gets over. God! I am nervous. Aren’t you?

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