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Kia confirms Tevez fears as Blackburn visit OT

Kia Joorabchian, the representative/owner of the rights to Carlos Tevez, reportedly said this to the Daily Star:

“Carlos is in the market now that United have not made any move for him. We are now studying other options and interested parties. There is no option left with United any longer.”

Actual quotes by his owner — although, considering the shady past of the businessman, it could just mean kicking United out of their slumber with regards to sealing Tevez’s contract — at the least, it points to problems with United stalling over the deal, intentionally. Or just balking at the asking price for the Argentinian.

What’s with us and Argentinian players? Veron didn’t work out. Heinze just decided to become a prick one fine sunny morning. And Tevez is not being wanted by the ownership, considering the extent they went toward securing him.

The pity is Tevez really has that honesty in his eye and desire to play for us — which is really not something one usually gets to see these days in footballers who come from outside England. [An example as recent as this — of course, in this case you can’t really blame the player for wanting to win something of consequence.]

The lesson from this — I know we are still in speculation stage and an official response from the OT hierarchy is certainly possible refuting these claims with a ‘we are still exploring it’ — is that loyalty has to work both ways. I know it’s business, you might tell, but when a player: has been an excellent servant for the club, is adored by fans, and, always keeps his head and gives his all when on the pitch despite his uncertainty over his future, it’s a shame Tevez’s exit may — and I stress, may — have to end like this.

A player like Tevez does not deserve this sort of a send off.

On to today’s game, Sam Allardyce, whose career has involved moving from a shit kicking side, to a club full of mad inebriated drunks for fans/owner, to a club that has, in the past, been known for its shit kicking expertise. So life has seemingly come full circle for him, one could say.

Big Sam, thinks United are not ‘untouchable’, saying we may drop points or concede goals at times. Fair play to him though. I’m already saturated lately with hyperbole showered on Giggs and Carrick as contenders for Player of the year awards when I think everyone is a distant second to Nemanja Vidic. We’ve had a distinctly average season, yet, have been doing better, according to the table. Yet, funnily enough, despite having been average, I think this is Fergie’s best squad ever. I raised that issue last season, but was not sure how that squad stacked up against the ones of ’99 and ’94. But I am convinced this one is our, and Fergie’s, best ever, despite the fact that we’re yet to pick domestic or European trophies, WC Championship apart. I can rattle off reasons ranging to the versatility of the players, the mix of youth and experience, and, chiefly, the ability to be, more or less, ‘injury proof’ having played so much, and travelled so much.

On the ‘untouchable’ topic, Benitez thinks we’re not untouchable. However, it being Benitez, I think he’s a pratt. So he can go shove his thoughts on our chances wherever he wants to. I can care less about the fat, fact checking, Spanish waiter.

Of course, in the past, I may have called him bitter and classless in casual conversations with many of my mates, although, I haven’t necessarily said them here on the blog. So I admit, it may have been unbecoming of me, for having said those things about him to my mates, and I apologise for that.

From here on, I shall call him bitter and classless also on this blog.

In terms of squad lineups, I can only guess but, I’m pretty sure Rooney will partner Berbatov. I really wish Ronaldo was rested at some point of time against the Stokes and West Broms of this world. He really looks jaded and could benefit from two games at a trot on the bench against relatively easy opposition. Sadly that has not happened. For all Fergie’s legendary man management ability, if I had a quibble, it would be his handling of Ronaldo this season. I tend to believe that the winger talks himself into the starting XI, but there has to be someone who’d tell Fergie that sitting him down a couple of games on the bench would be good for him, and United, for the rest of the season. Anyway, Blackburn have always represented a tricky encounter and, despite it being at OT, it’s not a game to rest Ronaldo. Nani could start on the other wing with Neville, perhaps getting a right back berth. Carrick is certain to start while his partner could be either of Fletcher or Giggs. I think the defence might pick itself.

Prediction: 2-0 to United.

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