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Kaveh Solhekol explains why Man Utd can’t join the new-look European Super League

Sky Sports reporter Kaveh Solhekol has explained why Manchester United have no chance of joining the new-look European Super League (ESL) in the near future.

Earlier today, The Telegraph exclusively revealed that Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus have created a new European Super League format with A22 Sports.

It was also mentioned that the trio have contacted more than 50 European clubs with plans to stage a multi-level 60-80 team competition with no permanent members.

This has led to frustration among many Premier League fans and Solhekol has now revealed that it is unlikely that the English top-flight clubs will be involved again.

Two years ago, United were among the founding members of the ESL but pulled out of the breakaway competition following fierce protests from the club’s faithful.

The Premier League owners have since signed ‘a new owners charter’ with the governing body which states that they can’t engage in the creation of new competition formats.

Point 9 of the charter reads: “We are collectively committed to the Premier League and recognise our responsibility to support it. We will not engage in the creation of new competition formats outside the Premier League’s rules.”

Meanwhile, Solhekol added that Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus are jealous of the success and power of the Premier League, considering the vast difference in TV revenues.

He added: “This is being driven by Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus because, effectively, they’re jealous of the success and power of the English Premier League.”

United faced the wrath of their loyal fans when the ESL plan was first announced in 2021. The Glazers issued a public apology while the club withdrew from the league.

It is unlikely that the Red Devils will reconsider doing the same mistake. While the format has been changed to make it fairer, Premier League rules now prohibit them.

Hence, there is no way that United or any other Premier League outfit will rejoin the ESL. It is not a necessity for English clubs unlike Barcelona, who are ridden with huge debts.