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Join 08/09 Red Rants Fantasy Football. Win Prizes!

There have been requests for a fantasy football league to be setup in the comments, so I thought I’d do it. I just wasn’t sure if it would keep up the attention span of people for an entire season, but hey, if there are prizes to be won, then I guess that is enough motivation.

Anyway, here is how you join:

1. Visit and sign in (if you’ve never registered at the site before, click here to register). Depending on your account history, you might need to add your team and pick your team colors before moving to the next step.

2. After logging in click the ‘Leagues’ link in the left navigation panel, enter the Red Rants league code: 303689-66861 in the ‘Join a League’ text box and click the ‘Join League’ button.

The Prize:

There is only one prize which is USD $200. Ok, it’s not enough to pay for your summer vacation but it’s still handy money to buy some cool electronic gadget.

And if you want more money, then you can also join the Soccerlens fantasy league. (You can be part of both leagues.)