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Joe Hart to Man Utd?

Okay okay so the title suggests I’m about to reveal I have inside information on what would be an unbelievable scoop but honestly I don’t and I’m not, so please, before you jump down my throat, hear me out and realise this is all hypothetical not another one of the 1,000’s of Manchester United transfer rumours.

There’s been a lot said in recent times regarding the rotation of players at United and how it’s possibly to blame for some of the failings in the season so far, that, despite being top of the table and well ahead of closest rivals Citeh in the goals department; something I hope we’ve learned to concentrate on after last years disappointment.

The rotation of outfield players is one thing, but it would appear many Reds agree that the rotation of keepers is having a hugely adverse effect on the team, you only need to read a handful of the comments on @MUFC_dan87’s latest article which explores this exact topic to know this is true. With Lindegaard and De Gea sharing almost equal playing time thus far in the Premier League, and having remarkably similar (poor) stats to boot (see below), it’s difficult to conclude anything other.

It suggests to me Sir Alex honestly can’t decide who’s the best option or which to field against which opponent, not the greatest position to have got yourself into, after all, he’s spent £17M on de Gea only last year in the knowledge he was nowhere near the finished article and £3.5m on Lindegaard also with a view to the future. If he (SAF) had done that three years ago I could’ve understood, but to still do it despite being unable to convince Edwin van der Sar to stay another year, it was a gamble that doesn’t appear to be paying off.

For me de Gea is looking for a way out back to Spain and Lindegaard has a way to go until he’s United quality.

So where does Joe Hart come in to all this?

Well, I get the feeling all’s not well over at the Emptihad and Joe Hart’s the most likely of all Citeh players to A: be wanted by United, and B: the one player who genuinely looks like he’s in it for the love of the game and the challenge of filling his home full of medals, trophies and personal accolades rather than cash.

Footballers may be many things, but one thing they’re not, is blind.

Who (with the label of England’s best player in your position and without competition) wouldn’t want to give yourself the best possible chance to boast a cabinet similar to (arise Sir) Ryan Giggs – or – who would be prepared to watch on as other teams concentrate on football and success while your success hinges on the likes of Mario Balotelli? Hart strikes me as someone who despises the type of player Citeh are attracting right now and has the desire to become the best….with the best.

In the summer I predicted there was unrest at Citeh and season 12/13 had another ‘Tevez-esque’ fiasco just around the corner. I couldn’t commit to nailing down any one specific player but pointed towards Balotelli, Lescott or Dzeko as the ones to watch for various reasons. The tactical inclusion and subsequent subbing of Dzeko and Tevez last weekend was proof to me that Mancini’s having to work harder than ever to keep his troops restful, satisfied and, more importantly, quiet.

After Citeh’s home defeat to Real Madrid I watched that Joe Hart interview and thought ‘hhhmmmm, I just wonder!’

After listening to Hart’s similar post match comments last night….I thought it again! Maybe it’s Joe Hart who’s about to turn Citeh’s season upside-down?

Apart from one ill thought out prank of flashing a shit-load of twenty pound notes at photographers from a black cab last year, I don’t see Hart doing anything other than being a dedicated professional with maturity just on the horizon. I doubt too he has the patience to stay with a club whose squad is littered with ego’s more interested in bickering and financial gain rather than their own personal trophy haul; especially when its to the detriment of Champions League points.

Roy Keane reckons Hart’s got cocky and he may have a point. Hart’s recent performances have dipped without question compared to the standard he consistently achieved last season, but that doesn’t make him any less of a keeper, it just means there’s something not right and he needs to regain his focus. If that is the case, a move away from Citeh could be just the ticket, and at United there would be no room for cockiness.

I reckon – if United make the right noises, Hart possesses that ruthless, self believing presence & confidence that would allow him to say ‘ya know what, I think I just might’ when offered the chance to jump ship, hop in his 4×4 and make his way the short distance across town to Old Trafford, a place I’m sure he’d make his own in much the same way a certain Mr Schmeichel did.

Whether Citeh would do business with us is a factor I’d rather no broker into this(!), but if they did [because Hart left them with no choice], it would give me great satisfaction and United a great, great keeper to solve what is gradually becoming a worrying situation for us.

Anyway, like I said, it’s all hypothetical BUT…..if it were to happen… heard it here first!