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It’s Time To Declare War On Team Glazer

David Moyes pensive in Press ConferenceSo David Moyes has come out of his cocoon and admitted that United might not sign anybody between now and the end of transfer window. “There is no pressure to do it. I have an idea of where I’d like to strengthen. If the right players are available, then great, but there is a possibility nothing may happen”

Where do I start? Simply put, the rage presently running through my body is not healthy and I’m seeking an outlet so that I can vent my anger, frustration, betrayal, disgust and utter contempt. First off let me say that to some of you out there (and you know who you are) who actually have the temerity and lack of IQ to question my allegiance, let me say that I couldn’t give a rats ass what you think. I love and have loved Manchester United for almost forty years. I have endured both the good, the bad and the awesome with this great club but let it be known right now, I am declaring war against this present regime that is running my beloved Red Devil’s into the ground while making them a laughing stock in the global community.

For me at least, the tipping point has finally been reached. Up to now I have tolerated so much ineptitude, incompetence and skulduggery from the regime to add to their already evident attempts at extortion, misinformation and deceit. Now Team Glazer has added two more allies to heed their cause. The first is the clown prince of crime in their grand scheme, one Edward Woodward (I prefer to refer to him as Ed Wood because he has about the same talent level in his chosen trade). And now we can add the “Yes Man”, the consummate conformist and corporate lackey, our esteemed manager David Moyes to the growing list of Glazer allies.

I cannot properly convey the anger and frustration I felt when I read the above quote attributed to Moyes, this morning when I woke up, my God I have to ask if this man and this whole regime he represents have a clue or any inclination about how they are being perceived by the media and above all, the worldwide body of loyal but disenchanted supporters?

Why Dave, why would you come out and disappoint and destroy the hopes of so many who were so positive and so expectant that your new era as manager was going to get off to a flying start with some excellent and meaningful player signings? It’s safe to say that your comments today have dashed and destroyed those hopes. Why would you and your bosses ever sanction such a public relations disaster? Only a total numbskull with the IQ of a pile of wet rags would do such a thing at a time when it was vital that you build support, loyalty and confidence for yourself as the man who has the unenviable position of following the living legend Sir Alex Ferguson.

Your final compliance and surrender to the whims and machinations of your employers is for me at least, the final straw. Although I have been loud and aggressive about my contempt and dissatisfaction over the ownership and direction of the club in the past, I now am really ready to take the gloves off and declare war. No more Mr. Nice Grognard. From now on my sole mission in life is to report on and piss on everything you and your partners in crime do that is against the better interests of the club and it’s loyal but in many cases naïve supporters. It’s no secret that I have waged a campaign of information to make many see the corrupt reality of what it is to be run by the Glazer machine. Now I need to get down and dirty about it. I am fed up with this ownership group and its hired puppets (or should I say muppets) continually ignoring the best interests of the football club, and it’s large base of supporters. I don’t give a damn about the corporate brand, the licensing and the Glazer wallet padding tactics that utilize all their time and resources to sign up the Apollo Tyres of the world. I want instead, for them to put the money they have and make to better use and to spend on player development and by purchasing quality players and yes, even world-class players to strengthen the squad that actually takes the pitch and plays competitive matches. Up to now the money making machine the Glazer’s have created has done little to actually strengthen the soul and fabric of the club, which is the team that takes the pitch every week.

Saldado SpursEveryday I sit back in utter frustration noticing the Tottenham’s, Chelsea’s and Manchester City’s of the world signing big named talent for the grand purpose of improving their club and making them a greater challenge for silverware. We on the other hand have yet to spend a shilling on anyone and would rather sit on our laurels and past accomplishments and sleep while Rome begins to burn. David Moyes, do not delude your self. That opening day 4-1 victory over Swansea is misleading and not indicative of the rusting, creaking and cracking ship you are presently captain of.

I am 100% certain that the club you presently have will not win the English Premier League this season.

Several factors lead me to this enlightened conclusion. First, unlike Sir Alex Ferguson, you alone as our manager are not worth 10 to 12 points a season. Sir Alex was that good and he was able to motivate and conjure up tactics and strategies as well as intimidate referees and opponents enough to garner that many points for his club in a season all by himself. Secondly, the clubs that are chasing you for the title have all spent considerable amounts of cash and added quality players and in the case of Chelsea and City, world class managers who I believe have what it takes to out you and your club as has-beens and pretenders. Lets also not forget the lack of midfield quality your club suffers from and the fact that cornerstones like Ryan Giggs, Patrice Evra, Rio Ferdinand, Nemanja Vidic are all one year older. Your club is getting older and although you have some decent young talent waiting in the wings, I seriously doubt you will play them over the likes of Valencia, Young, Cleverley and Anderson. Oh yes, we are positively overflowing with total awesomeness aren’t we? How long before Bebe becomes a staple in the starting eleven?

This year clubs will approach a game against United differently. No longer will teams and referees enter matches scared and intimidated by Fergie and his accomplishments. Instead they will see the same old tired gang being managed by the man who won nothing for Everton. And yet you come out today and are quoted as saying “There is no pressure to do it. I have an idea of where I’d like to strengthen. If the right players are available, then great, but there is a possibility nothing may happen”. I’m sorry Dave but you are either dead wrong or you are a stone cold liar, you choose.

There is immense pressure to make signings or do you and your crew of muppets wear earplugs and blinders? Do you read or listen to nothing the media says or even more so, do you not listen to the cries and concerns of your legions of supporters? What the heck man??? Do you have your head so jammed up Malcolm Glazer’s ass that you never come out for some fresh air and a reality check? You have an “idea” where you need to strengthen yet you do nothing in the past two months to deal with that need. If you worked for me, you wouldn’t last a week with that show of ineptitude, incompetence and lack of general desire, initiative and pride to succeed.

Juan MataFinally you say that if the right players are available, you might consider signing them. Well here is a news flash for you mate. Mesut Ozil AVAILABLE, Sammy Khedira AVAILABLE, Luka Modric AVAILABLE, Luis Gustavo WAS AVAILABLE, Javi Martinez MAY BE AVAILABLE due to not fitting into Guardiola’s new 4-1-4-1 scheme, Yohan Cabaye AVAILABLE, Kondogbia AVAILABLE, Daniel De Rossi AVAILABLE, Marouane Fellaini AVAILABLE for a less insulting price than previously offered, Leighton Baines AVAILABLE (see Fellaini), Juan Mata AVAILABLE, Wilian WAS AVAILABLE, Luke Shaw AVAILABLE, Fabio Coentrao AVAILABLE, Christian Eriksen AVAILABLE, Lars Bender AVAILABLE, Cristiano Ronaldo AVAILABLE and the list goes on. All the players I have listed are or were available during this transfer window for the proper price.

Take a look at your midfield Dave as well as your aging and defensive liability at left back and tell me to my face that none of the players I have listed are not worthy candidates for your club? They all are great players and they all command decent and expensive transfer fees but they are all available if you were to choose to exercise your mind and ambition and go out and bid for any of them rather than sitting on your hands and doing sweet fuck all. You were hired to do a job and I assume that part of that job is to recognize available talent and pursue it with sincerity and assertiveness. Not prowl around like an idiot pursuing players you fully know are not available but whom your employers have sanctioned as safe targets because at the end of the day, they won’t cost Glazer a dime.

Tell me Dave, when you got this job did you envision this scenario happening? That with a little over a week before the transfer deadline, you would have nothing to show for yourself in the area of new signings? Were you so seduced by Fergie and so in awe of taking over this famous and prestigious club that you never ever questioned or had doubts about the sincerity and direction the ownership was taking it? How naïve and how stupid you were. Frankly mate, you haven’t got the pedigree to be manager of Manchester United but here is the twist. Anyone with pedigree would steer clear of this job due to the Glazer’s. But anything was better than having to direct Everton FC to Nowhere Land every year isn’t it?

The sad truth is that despite my loud and angry condemnation, I like David Moyes, really I do. I think the man is a fine manager and a solid citizen. I would like nothing better than to see him do well and to disprove the assumptions and theories that people like myself and other naysayers predict. But as much as I like the man, I am finding it harder as the days go by to positively support a man who seems to be sitting on his hands and who has not only bitten off more than he can chew, but who has openly conformed and surrendered to the regime in charge. Like Edward Woodward, he is content in being a puppet and he is fine with the reality that he not being given the financial freedom to build this club within a reasonable level based on the revenue stream this club generates per year.

In fact, I would have nothing but the greatest respect for the man if he came out publicly and lifted the veil off the Glazer regime by condemning their actions. Of course he would get the sack for that or he would probably resign beforehand, but he would have mine and millions of others respect and admiration. And trust me Dave, sticking a dagger into the backs of the Glazer’s would not hurt your chances for gainful employment in the future. You may not be up for a job managing a club like United simply because you have the pulling power of a six year old pulling his wagon, but at least football is littered with many Everton FC’s out there where I know you will do well managing.

Now back to the Glazer’s. It’s high time somebody, whether it be a consortium of supporters like MUST (but with more power and voice) or even the local municipality and or governance of the country your club is situated in, somebody needs to stand up to your style of management and deem it illegal or against the best interests of the community and force you to sell and get the Hell out of Manchester and England for that matter. I haven’t got the power but I am at least trying to do my bit by openly declaring war on your lot of thieves and scoundrels and demanding that more of you supporters who are in agreement that the Glazer’s must go should join me in voicing your displeasure openly and with passion. There may be more pressing and important things to deal with in life but at least for me, seeing Manchester United thrive under ethical and progressive ownership is something I see as a worthwhile cause to pursue.

Perhaps I haven’t got a life and that the future of my football team shouldn’t be my most passionate cause but damn it, I can’t help myself. I love this club and I want to see this club continue to dominate in England and once again be a legitimate threat in Europe as well. Sir Alex did a fine job spoiling fans like myself and he made us believe that the party would never end. Well, he defied the odds over the past few years due to his brilliance but he is gone now and I have zero faith that things will continue to improve under David Moyes. Not unless the man grows a pair and challenges his employers to show him the money and then spend it on some worthwhile players.

The status quo at Manchester United must not and cannot be tolerated any longer. Supporters need to transform themselves into Howard Beale and shout from their balconies “I’m as mad as Hell, and I’m not going to take anymore.” For if we are not mad enough and are willing to tolerate the status quo, we will soon see the rapid decline of what has been the greatest sporting dynasty in the history of professional sports. Don’t believe me? That’s fine. I’ll just let time and patience prove me right or wrong. We cannot continue to neglect the product on the pitch and annually put our faith in under achieving failures like Anderson, Evans, Young and Cleverley as well as ageing stars well past their prime like Rio, Giggsy, Vidic and Evra.

Every team needs to continue to improve and by that I mean every summer, new players have got to be introduced to keep things progressive and fresh. Some on this blog take real issue with the fact that I also support Bayern Munich. To them I say SOD OFF! I couldn’t care less what they think. I know in my heart of hearts that United is my main team but I still have to point out that I look at a club like Bayern and see a club that won it all last year. The treble was theirs and still, they hired a world-class manager to replace the one who got them the treble. They then went on to sign Thiago. Gotze and a few other lesser names to already add to their stacked to the rack roster. Enough is never enough for them and their greed is shown on the pitch where it matters. Their ownership group wants the club to win on the pitch, not in the back rooms where money is counted, pocketed and laundered in the traditional Glazer style. So to those ant Grognard aficionados, forgive me for bringing up Bayern Munich again but at least for myself, I do find some relief and comfort through another club I support. A club that does everything to appease and please it’s supporters and myself and overflows with ambition for trophies, not telecom and insurance deals that do nothing for the on filed product.

Glazer Protest RIP MUFCWhat I would give to reverse time and bring us back to that that fateful day when the Glazer’s hijacked this club and took it over like terrorists taking over a foreign embassy? How great things would have been if the ownership group back then told them to collectively take a long walk of a short pier.

Many of you must be wondering whether I will ever grow tired of spewing my anti Glazer rhetoric on this blog on a weekly basis? The truth is I am sick and tired of doing so but I am urged and compelled by my anger and frustration to do so as well as my duty as true fan of this club and its historical traditions. This summer David Moyes and Woodward’s have shown sheer incompetence and stupidity in trying to buy players and this is yet another factor as to why I must continue to fight. I urge many of you to join me. Get louder, spout of a bit. If you live in Manchester more of you like-minded supporters should band together and make serious noise. Hell, if I were living in Manchester I would find like-minded people and picket in front of Old Trafford. I would refuse to buy a ticket to a game and refuse spending a dime on merchandise simply because I know none of it goes to player development and team building. Stop acting like addicts and stand up to the regime that is slowly but surely destroying your club. Your club’s hierarchy are using you and have no respect or appreciation for you or for what you want as supporters. They ignore your wishes, keep secrets, and continue to offer up disinformation while playing wicked little games of deceit filled with smokescreen devices designed to make you think they care, when they clearly don’t. It’s time for all of you to wake up and smell the coffee.

Glazer Protest outside Old TraffordTo those of you who agree, do something, make some kind of statement of intent, get angry. For those of you who think I’m full of shit and am nothing more than a Liverpool plant infiltrating Mancunia to poison the well, I have nothing bad to say other than I pity the fact your hatred and contempt is so misplaced and misdirected at me and not towards the real enemy, the Glazer family. The fact some of you can question my loyalty when I am bursting a spleen out of anger for what this club is not doing for all of us supporters really makes the mind warble. That’s fine. Although insults, name calling and Neanderthal accusations hurt me, I do have a thick skin and I know in my heart of hearts, that I have way more supporters to my cause than I have detractors. And that alone will fuel my fight like an elixir. I want a war of words to go viral and to feed the anger and frustration of millions of hard-core devoted fans of Manchester United. Only our collective anger and demands will be heeded. Stay silent and I guarantee that your beloved club will be headed in a steady downward spiral that only Sir Alex Ferguson could have prevented. Denial is not a river that runs through Egypt. It is a reality that is allowing our great club to slowly but surely deteriorate until we surpass the ineptitude and total mediocrity that has befallen Liverpool FC. If that is what many of you want the by all means support the Glazer’s and show me the middle finger. I at least will continue to declare a war of words against the Glazer’s and their minions who continue to betray and disappoint us all, whether we realize it or not. I have some fight in me and I like Fergie refuse to lose. My cause is just and it’s time those of you who agree did a bit more. In the mean time I still hope for and wish the best for the club in this season. Despite the Glazer’s criminal regime, our club winning matches as much as possible would still be delightful. Anything that delays the inevitable is widely encouraged. Now “Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war.”

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