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It’s Still All About Ronaldo, Love

If you draw a timeline of transfer related headlines concerning Ronaldo, since the Champions’ League final — which we won, by the way — and list them all, you will see that there hasn’t been anything concrete, till date, for someone to conclusively predict where Ronaldo will ply his trade next season.

That said, it isn’t surprising either.

The Sunday Mirror is in speculation-land heaven, as it sticks its neck so high that it’s in… umm… heaven. Ronaldo to stay in Manchester, it reckons. Of course, some “source” tries its best to add colour to a slow Sunday morning.

But it can’t quite match the Guardian, which is sure that Ronaldo had already struck deals with Madrid “months ago”. Of course, instead of their source just being a source — as it was the case with the Mirror — the Guardian takes it a step further by mentioning that the source is a senior personality at Manchester United. Sorry, I know there’s no smoke without fire, but I need to know the source of the fire before deciding if the smoke really mattered.

And just as we were thinking that, regardless of Ronaldo’s sale, we would still have a sizeable transfer kitty, the Mirror bursts our bubble claiming SAF will be forced to look at bargain options like Santa Cruz.

It goes on to prove its red hot form by saying we are in direct battle with Arsenal for the Paraguayan’s signature.

That should be the end of another short one. Precious little to talk about, although a word for the Dutch who were irrepressible. Robben is some player when fit, and Kuyt looks a different player now.

Over to you…

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