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It’s Owen Hargreaves…again

Reports coming out of Germany suggest that Bayern Munich had agreed a 17m deal with Manchester United for Owen Hargreaves and now all that remains to be done is for the player to agree to a 4-year contract.

You can expect both parties to stay quiet about it until it’s done, but a few things about the timing make sense.

One – after last’s season’s transfer fiasco (where we were supposed to sign our players before the World Cup but couldn’t as Bayern and Tottenham played hardball), Fergie wants to get this summer’s work done asap so that the players are in for the full pre-season. It would make sense to make a move as soon as the season is over, and to be honest, the season was over once we’d lost to Milan and once Chelsea couldn’t beat Arsenal.

Two – the price is right – I’d say that the deal could be very similar to Carrick’s, and the extra premium is all about Bayern being a big club.

Three – I want this to happen – Honestly, the biggest reason this story will sell is because so many United fans want this to happen. We’ve waited an year for it, and we need something to pick us up after the final and semi-final defeats.

So let’s hope this one’s true.

Incidentally, there are rumours (out of the Guardian) that Robben will go to Bayern. In yesterday’s final, when I saw Robben get subbed because of an injury I called up Hasan and told him that Robben looks like he’s out of the club. He’s a good player who’s had a rough patch, so it would be a shame if Chelsea let him go.