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It’s Holiday Time at Old Trafford

Welcome back. Hopefully most of you might be able to read this now that the site is fully functional. As mentioned yesterday, we went through a bit of house cleaning — house moving, rather — as we shifted servers and made changes to the backend.

While we planned an overhaul of the visible part, we decided that can wait. However, we will hope to add some more features that’s visible to you to make the commenting experience better and more expressive.

Some of you might have noted the smileys now visible so that you just have to click it rather than having to remember the key combinations. You’ll also see against a commenter, an arrow symbol like this: Reply to which, if you click, would create a reply to in the comment form. So you don’t have to type the user’s name you are responding to.

We also have a “Share this” icon at the bottom of the main post so that you can easily share the post with your friends via email, or AIM, or Facebook or tons of other means of social media.

We hope to gradually add other enhancements as and when we feel it’s worth the effort.

Moving on, there’s very little happening on the United front. And I’m afraid, very little is going to happen at least on the Ronaldo front for the next couple of weeks. Yes folks, it’s holiday time at Old Trafford: Fergie’s off digging his ear in the South of France; Gill is off to somewhere, perhaps fishing and examining gills of fish; and Ronaldo, well what do we say of him — he’s off to his holiday, perhaps in Madrid? We won’t know. Oh, weren’t we supposed to know by erm… yesterday? Maybe he did say something but we weren’t alert enough. He could have even announced it in his shower. Blame the News of the World for not bugging his house and not coming out with any ‘exclusives’.

Meanwhile there is the usual from the Mirror (Ron to avoid Fergie meeting) and Calderon saying Real won’t pay silly money for Ronaldo — weeks after saying no price is too high for Ronaldo. One tends to not care anymore.

So whilst everyone is enjoying the warmth of the summer away from Manchester, I think it’s time we go cranky with more idle speculation. So today’s flavour, and one that’s doing the rounds — surprisingly low profile these days — is Dimitar Berbatov to United. MEN reckon he’s odds on to go to United (no evidence whatsoever); something to do with Villa moving to Spurs. But honestly, with Gill and Fergie out on vacation I certainly don’t want Gary Neville to show Dimi his way around Old Trafford. Nor do I want him to handle transfer negotiations in their place. If he can scare away a 17 year old, then he may not have much luck with someone known to throw a hissy fit at the drop of a hat.