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The Paul McGeady Story

Is this the final chapter for our Ex-Season Ticket Holder?

RedRants has supported Paul McGeady throughout his ongoing complaint with the club about their tactics and their treatment of its fans, in particular its season ticket holders and members.

If you haven’t been following the dispute or the correspondence they’re all under The Features tab.

In the latest letter to the club Paul responds to NOT receving any reply despite being informed his complaint was now ‘Official’, seems it’s the final straw, I wonder how many other fans there are like Paul, his brother and his Dad, I certainly no from experience he’s not the only one. Read his latest letter here.

Dear Sir / Madam,

I have had no response to my last correspondance. In fact, nothing, since my email was formally documented for your “management team to access on a weekly basis.” Assuming it’s still under review, I’d like to take the opportunity to append it. (If that is not possible, I am happy to receive a seperate complaint reference.)
First of all, I owe you an apology. I now read that the proposed move of the away fans to tier three is not happening. (I did note that the club is “disappointed” not to have achieved this, and a more detailed analysis has to be undergone before you inevitably introduce it at some point in the future.)

So I apologise – the freezing of season ticket prices for the coming season really is a true statement. (You now won’t be moving fans to more expensive parts of the ground.) I did worry that the additional income this move would have been expected to bring, would actually now mean a short-fall in next seasons finances. But then I received the letter regarding the renewal of memberships.

Just to be clear, I have now finished my apology. I am now writing the bit that I want to append to my complaint.

In addition to the announced price rise on members tickets, I am furious to see that the cost of the membership has also been increased! Last year, a membership was £30, with a renewal cost of £27.
This year, a membership costs £32. You then have the cheek to tell me I can renew early and pay the reduced amount of “last years cost” – that being £30.
But last year I only paid £27. So my “discount” this year is £3 more than I paid last year(?!)

The reason in the letter states that this is due to increased cost in “post and administration” Please can you exlain that statment

Two points.
1) Increased cost of post.
I’m instructed in the same letter that the posting of paper tickets will cease next year and the matches will be credited to my membership card. I will be informed of my seat number
– by letter (same cost as posting a ticket)
– by SMS (about 12p – significantly less than postage)
– by email (practically free).

Assuming that some of the communication will be done by SMS and email, I’d make a guess that there will be a significant REDUCTION in the cost of postage next year. (One side note, the cost of this process to me will actually increase my spend. Having been told I will need to bring “proof” of the the seat number, I assume I will have to print out any email I’m sent, on my own printer, at my own expense)

2) Increased cost of Administration
Every ticket purchased online (yes, online where the effort is made by me) is then subjected to a 3% admin cost. So my ticket last year (tier three @ £34) actually costs me £35.02. (That’s an additional £1.02 in admin). With the price increases this year, the same seat (now £36) brings in an admin charge of £1.08. So the admin you charge has also increased.

In summary, the admin fees now generate more income, the removal of paper tickets should have reduced postage, and you have streamlined the provision of tickets by making them electronic. Yet despite these measures being implemented, the cost of postage and administration has RISEN ???

Your Administration Manager needs sacking. It appears that He/She has introduced processes into the club that COST MORE??

I refer you back to a quote from an email you sent me earlier this year. “Please do not think that the Club do not feel for supporters as this is most definitely not the case. As a Football Club and as a business, the last thing we would want is to alienate supporters and we are sorry to read that you feel your support is not valued by Sir Alex, the team and the club.”

You say you don’t want to alienate supporters, yet you choose to continue to abuse every opportunity you can to take money off the genuine support, yet take no action whatsoever regarding any of the points I have made.

The leaflet that accompanied the renewal letter stated that “We are 100% commited .. are you?”

You can’t swich off your team, and I almost feel defeated with what I am about to say. I am 100% committed, but I will be commited to watching 100% of the matches that are televised next season.My dad, my brother and I will not be renewing our memberships and will no longer be attending.

From Season ticket holders, to members, to not attending. That’s what you’ve driven us to.

“Make a quick buck” may be the American way, but ultimately, you are sacrificing the support that made our great club truly so.

Paul McGeady
Ex-Season ticket holder, Ex-Member

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