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Is it all over for Moyes?

rp_stoke-200x2001-200x200.jpgDavid Moyes has insisted that he doesn’t fear for his job, despite yet another horrendous defeat on Sunday and the prospect of bidding farewell to the Champions League tonight, if United fail to overturn the 2-0 deficit they carry into tonight’s game against Olympiakos.

In yesterday’s press conference Moyes reiterated that he doesn’t consider himself or his job at risk and that the club’s hierarchy shares his view for the club’s long-term future.

“My future has not changed one bit. I have got a great job, I know exactly the direction I want it to go in. It’s not been the season we hoped we would have but I have ideas of what I want to do and put in place when the time is right,” said Moyes.

“The most important thing now is to get the Olympiakos game played and hopefully get through. If we can it would be a massive lift but we know we have got ourselves in a poor position being 2-0 down. We have got a lot of belief and we have got to try to make it show in the game.”

With United 18 points behind league leaders Chelsea and all but out of the race to a Champions League spot ahead of next season, it’s been widely reported that the club might soon demand drastic improvements, but Moyes remained defiant about his relationship with United’s hierarchy.

“The biggest assurance is that they let me get on with the job. We never discuss it, we talk about the future. We are making big plans for years going forward, this is why it’s a six-year contract, this is not a club that works on a short-term vision, it works on a long-term vision,” claimed the United manager.

However assured Moyes might be about his job, there are growing rumours reporting that tonight’s clash against Olympiakos could be the beginning of the end for the United manager, who’d surely be a dead man walking should his team fail to qualify tonight and lose against City on Tuesday.

For the first time in his tenure, the press seems to have turned on Moyes and in the Guardian, Daniel Taylor lifts the lid on how volatile the United dressing room appears to be this season:

“What he [Moyes] really needs, though, is the players’ backing and the latest leaks out of the dressing room are not exactly glowing for Moyes and his staff, in particular the coach who now goes by a deeply unflattering nickname. 

“Has he lost the dressing room? The way it has been described to this newspaper is that he never actually had the dressing room.”

The Times, meanwhile, adds that: “There are growing doubts within the club about whether his tenure should continue into a second season.

“From boardroom to dressing room, there is a profound sense of awkwardness and a pained acknowledgement that, barring a dramatic transformation over the next few days, let alone weeks, the Moyes regime is beginning to look moribund.”

One way or the other, tonight could be a momentous night for the club’s future.