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Irresponsible Media Stir Up Another Storm

Various media outlets, including the Guardian, have run up headlines like ‘Tevez: Let Ronaldo go to Real’ or ‘Ronaldo should be allowed to go to Real – Tevez’.

Here is what the actual quotes look like, in English (considering these have been translated from Spanish, surely):

“It is clear he is a very important player for us but this is a personal decision, which is up to him only. I understand Cristiano. Every footballer wants to pay at Real Madrid. I also think that everyone wants to play for Manchester United but, if what he seeks is something else, that should be respected. I have not talked to him but, when these things happen, neither side feels good.”

Pray, tell me how this is anything but a diplomatic reply to a question that’s been asked ad infinitum throughout the summer? Yes, one must respect a player’s wishes. And United have not slagged Ronaldo for expressing his interests. [They have just respectfully told him that he’s going nowhere, at least for now — but that’s besides the point.] I just don’t see where Tevez says United must let Ronaldo go.

Tevez’s quotes are not even remotely earth shattering. They are the usual, ‘this is a personal decision, it’s upto him, club X is a good club but so is my club blah blah … the only way to settle this is by a deathmatch in a cage‘ you get the drift.

If anything, it is surprising to see a diplomatic reply from a player who runs like a terrier on the field (one who also turned up at a Boca Juniors press conference in a Manchester United shirt).

Whilst this sort of word twisting is not particularly new, it is extremely annoying to see a player like Tevez, who has been going about his business quietly, get dragged into a controversy of not his creating.

Mr. Mark Ogden (the man who ran the story on the Guardian), shame on you — and your editor.