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Interview with Aon – Manchester United’s future sponsors

Chris Toy (Studs Up) recently interviewed David Prosperi, Vice President (Global Public Relations) at Aon. It’s an interesting read and it’s nice to see how Manchester United is viewed from outside football i.e. once you take away football partisanship.

For those of us who have supported the club from before 99 or even before the Premier League started (I got in at ’94), it’s quite amazing to see United completely dominate English football for the best part of two decades and as a result become the most popular and most valuable sports team in the world.

It’s good to focus on the here and now and we’ve seen with Liverpool how ‘past glories’ get you nowhere, but once in a while it’s good to step back and get some perspective on what United, and to a great extent, what the likes of Sir Alex Ferguson and (Sir) Ryan Giggs have achieved.

In any case, here’s the interview with David Prosperi (Aon).