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International roundup and a link fest

The distraction that was the international break is over and, hopefully, there aren’t any injury worries. I must apologise for not giving you your daily fix of United news yesterday, thanks to my laptop’s AC adapter conking out. This post is from a borrowed computer, so I can’t be long. Hence today will be more of a link post. The good part though, will be that I will try to update this post through the day, as and when I gain access to a system for even few minutes.

My brand new AC adapter should be in tomorrow to give a new lease of life to my currently comatose laptop. So regular service should resume by then. So here we go with interesting links for the day:

  • Old news, but Anderson is, indeed, loving life at United — in case people were wondering. I couldn’t find links to his performance (for Brazil) yesterday. Anyone who could post something would be greatly commended for their efforts.Update: Some words of praise from Dunga, for Anderson and Pato.
  • Rooney remained isolated up top, while Fabio Capello was happy despite defeat to France. Is it a realization that little could be done with a side shorn of anything resembling creativity? Actually, anything other than lumping hopeful balls to players who aren’t known for their heading ability.
  • ‘Wounded’ Terry wants armband back — and they say it’s a team game. Update: And as an aside, here’s a good rant on Terry.
  • Skipper Neville, in typical Neville style, gives his forthright thoughts on his chances of making it back to the side this season — here’s a hint, it’s not very good.
  • Michael Barnes out on month’s loan. [via Ahmed]
  • Mikel’s documents found to be forged. How does it concern us, you ask? Well, it could force us to pay back some of the £ 12 million back to Chelsea

That’s it for now, I think. Hopefully when I find the time, and a computer, I will add to these links.

Keep checking back and, of course, ranting.