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Mourinho’s Inter, Liga de Quito and proof that Berbatov can be happy

Much (MUCH!) has been made out of yesterday’s Champions League playoff draw and much more will be said between today and February when the damned matches actually start.

Are Inter going to be too much for United? Will Jose beat Fergie again? Will Arsenal and Chelsea fall to the Italian revolution (or some such nonsense)? Can Madrid stand the might of the great Rafa?

Please. Get a fucking grip. Two seasons ago this time around Barcelona and Liverpool were paired together in the round of 16, with FCB in blistering form and Pool dithering around like only they can. Come February it had all changed with Barcelona stuttering and literally defeating themselves while Liverpool kept their heads and took their chances.

A lot can happen in 2 months. Not just in football but also in the financial markets, which will have some, if not a major, bearing on the January transfer window. Let’s wait and see, mmmk?

As far as Inter and Manchester United are concerned, on paper, United’s major problem is stability in the center of the pitch and to be honest this is something they’ve struggled with for a couple of years now. If they can just keep the right players fit by the time February rolls on it should be OK, barring that a signing in that department surely can’t hurt, although I doubt that we’ll be bringing anyone in for that position.

On to more important, and certainly more pressing matters. Red Ranter and the majority of readers here will disagree, but tomorrow’s Club World Cup final against Liga de Quito is far more important right now than wondering whether United can get one over Inter (and if I remember correctly, Fergie took the Premier League title from Jose last time around and barring the one-off FA Cup final, took 4 points from their home and away games, so I’m pretty sure it’s advantage Fergie at the moment).

Liga de Quito are a step up from Gamba Osaka and like these events are, far more motivated than United for tomorrow’s game. It will come down to minimising mistakes and playing to our strengths, or if all else fails we can ask Rooney to kick them. Or something.

Fingers crossed, Berbatov comes off the bench in the 70th minute, scores a goal and then stands in a corner with the ball holding off the Mexicans in his final stand on Japanese soil.

Speaking of the Bulgarian, have you ever seen the lad this happy:

Finally happy in England...

Didn’t think so. Will be back tomorrow for the match thread, and on Monday with a look ahead at life after the Club World Cup.