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Injured Captain Continues Wretched Run While Wazza Has Until Lunchtime

Update: Word from the official site is that Neville might be back for the Roma game. But we have heard about his ‘impending return’ a lot for the past eight months. We’ll have to wait and see.
And Rooney looks likely to play against Fulham. Now here goes another article rendered irrelevant! Oh, well. Read the rest of the article if you still have to.

It’s now official. Or so it will be, if all these months weren’t enough to convince us. The Telegraph confirms some of our worst fears. Captain Gary Neville may not be back until after the New Year.

This certainly is a rather sad development. Although for most of us who were subjected to the two weeks away from full fitness mantra for a good part of a year, this may not come as too much of a surprise. He probably is out for a longer period of time than our Balsa boy. And with Red Neville’s advancing years, this may look a little worrying.

Hopefully he does get his thing completely sorted out and returns fresh enough to give some much needed impetus to the right hand side. Although I did pull this out of an article from the Telegraph there isn’t any official confirmation that I can point out. But this development wouldn’t surprise me, to be honest.

A United spokesman said: “Gary has been training with the first team and will to continue with that as opposed to playing with the reserves.”

Meanwhile, Wayne Rooney would have to wait till Friday — which is today — to find out if he would be ready to face Fulham on Monday. Speaking of which, we are going to have a quiet weekend. Never mind, I will try to figure out something to keep your spirits up.

The other striker, whose name has the unique distinction of being synonymous with the words balsa, glass and brittleness in general, is being nurtured by the United staff to get the ‘best out of him’. This was what Fergie had to say about him. And I would have to agree with him here. If he’s backed Saha through thick and thin (well, thin mostly) for so long now, then the Frenchman mean a lot to him. So I guess we should keep faith with the manager on this one. Although a decent back up striker in January may be handy. Just in case…

Speaking of high spirits, let me remind you that our competition for winning that cool scarf from Savile Rogue is still on. Kindly read this post for details on how you could win one.

Right. That’s about it for the day. More United goodness and banter tomorrow.