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In defence of Louis Saha

In the last month I was reading all these comments about why should Saha leave, how he is injury prone and why we need a new striker. I am not going to argue whether we need a new striker or not, but I am going to argue in regards of the qualities of Saha and why I think that he is a great player and he shouldn’t be sold.

First of all I know that injuries were a huge problem for him and I was mad, sad and disappointed many times like many of you when I was hearing time after time that he is injured and he can’t play, but I would like to point your short memory to the beginning of the season.

While Rooney was struggling with his form it was Saha that would come up with great plays and rescue us over and over again. His record for the whole season is 13 goals and 7 assists from which 12 goals and 6 assists came before the New Year. I know after that his form wasn’t great, but almost all the time he was injured. So as you can see he was really good, when he was available and injuries should not be the deciding factor in letting the player go.

Any player can be injured for a long time. The best examples are Henry, Van Persie, Robben should they be sold too? I know that it is wrong and I hope that SAF would see it the same way.

Secondly I believe that Saha brings something special to our team, which is his ability to create goals from nothing even against the strongest oppositions. Rooney and Ronaldo are our best players and the main reason for our success, however against strong defenders they tend to get lost and that’s when Saha’s talent becomes important.

In any way this is just my opinion and I really hope that Saha will be in our team next year and this time without injuries (hopefully the surgery in USA will help). Please leave any comments or suggestions.

P.S. BTW I just watched Real become champion, which means 2 mil. pounds for ManUtd 🙂