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Huntelaar Interest Returns | Gill On Club Finances | Manucho, Anderson and Ronaldo

Lots of things to talk about today, so we’ll get into it straightaway without the usual waffle.

The Sun is reporting that Fergie will be prepared to offer 12 million pounds for the Dutch hitman. The surprisingly low value placed on the striker is apparently due to Ajax’s financial troubles. The Telegraph has also picked up the story, linking to the Sun article.

If this were to be true, it would be a steal (and a gamble worth taking). Fergie has been a known admirer of the striker and the price tag would certainly tempt him. Especially given his age and the ridiculous value placed on Berbatov.

However, one would have to stop and think for a while on the bearing it could have on our frontline — Tevez and Rooney have proved to be a killer combination.

For Huntelaar to work in our system 1) he must be willing to stay on the bench more often than not. At least initially.
and, 2) if he does play, he would need to show the movement that’s very much necessary in our free flowing football. If one remembers how Ruud affected our play towards the end of his time at United. Great poacher that he may be, but the over reliance on Ruud, at times proved to be a liability — with due respect to his contribution to United.

If Huntelaar can do what he’s been doing at Holland, then I say bite off the hands of Ajax. 12 million is a steal in my book. But it is the Sun that’s reporting this in the midst of a relatively slow January transfer window (so far). So one would have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, David Gill says that while SAF may not make any moves in the January window, the money is still there to be spent if he does change his mind. He also has gone on to assure everyone that the financial situation is healthy and the club will be looking to milk every possible segment of the market — even if it means selling water to a dying man. Okay, I made up the last part. But seriously, according to him the profits made this year will help to service the loans and we will still have substantial money available for transfers.

He also made an important remark regarding Ronaldo, and why it doesn’t even make financial sense by selling Ronaldo. United may gain the touted 50 million or so, by selling him, in the short run. But the results that have taken us far into competitions like the Champions’ League, FA Cup and the League wouldn’t be possible if we kept selling our prize assets. And our presence in these competitions till the very end was also mainly responsible for our record profits.

Gill also spoke about ‘tweaking’ the Automatic Cup Scheme. We’ll have to wait and see what exactly he really meant by tweaking.

Meanwhile Manucho has scored yet again in another warm up match for Angola, as they prepare for the ACN. We’ll continue to keep an eye on our latest signing during the tournament. I hear Angola will be playing Egypt on the 12th in the last of their warm ups.

Anderson has said that he prefers to be a ‘servant’ of Ronaldo. Thankfully it’s not got anything to do with any form of twisted role-playing. He talks about how he prefers to be the foundation which gives the freedom for people like Ronaldo to score freely.

And Louis Saha is very happy at being given an extended run in the side. Fair enough, but we need to see the Saha of last season. Not some zombie lookalike. My suspicions were slightly enhanced when he reckoned that Alan Smith will be the main goal threat when we play Newcastle. I know about the scoring against one’s old club theory, but Smudger doesn’t seem to be able to hit a cow’s arse with a barge pole at the moment.

Oh well, you never know. Stranger things have happened.

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