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How’s the latest episode of the Ronaldo-Madrid soap opera an ‘exclusive’?

Give me an effin’ break! Or could I be really missing something? The Guardian have gone to great lengths to splash ‘Cristiano Ronaldo ready to leave for Real Madrid in £75m transfer’ across their site and yet, nothing in the articles printed carry any facts to back their claim (that this tale is an exclusive).

I am not saying that Ronaldo won’t go to Madrid; I couldn’t be arsed, to be honest. But what makes me really mad is the three articles dedicated to this scoop, the paper wants us to believe, has nothing by way of quotes or new developments, that actually makes this a story.

I tried my best. Was there a quote from Ronaldo? No. Was there something from the manager? No. But then, they would obviously deny this for the sake of our season. So I looked for quotes from the other side. Shockingly, even Mr Rent-a-quote Calderon hadn’t said anything here. Saying ‘it is widely understood’ can even be pulled from my substantial arse, and hence, does not cut it as an exclusive. I don’t care if Ronaldo stays or leaves, but, puh-leease, don’t regurgitate four month old quotes and sell it to me as an exclusive story.

I’m done with my say on this. Soon you’ll see Newsnow, inundated with headlines screaming ‘Ronaldo to Madrid – Done Deal’. I can’t give a hyena’s bottom debating whether he should stay or leave. That ship has long sailed for me, but it takes a few hacks recycling crap like this for me to start seriously considering the value of my existence in this world.

PS: Preview will be up later in the day. Oh, and now that it is out of my system, let’s cheer the end of the international break.