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How good can Tevez be for Manchester United?

I’m going to go out on the proverbial ledge and put this out – shoot it down if you will, but not before thinking this through.

Carlos Tevez is going to be THE catch of the season this summer – and if Manchester United are able to sign him, they will have brought in a player who has the never-say-die spirit of Robson, Cantona and Keane, and the drive to keep battling at 110% from start till finish.

This season Manchester United fans have looked at Chelsea’s Michael Essien with a bit of envy – Robben’s loss to Chelsea was balanced and more than made up for by by Cristiano Ronaldo, but the loss of Essien has never been properly coped with. It is not so much that we need a dynamo like him in midfield – it’s the spirit that this type of player brings to the team that lefts everyone up and gets them going again.

Alan Smith has his moments, but lack of technical ability limits him to hacking down opponents who are more skillful than him. Rooney has the ability and the mindset but he gets frustrated when he’s isolated.

Giving Rooney a combative strike partner will allow both players to share the battling responsibilities, allow them to rotate and most importantly, will give Manchester United a star option that Ferguson can put in the starting lineup or on the bench and rest assured that this player can change the game in favor of Manchester United.

The current Manchester United’s team’s journey has just begun – and while we need balance, we also need more matchwinners. Relying on Ronaldo, Rooney and Rio is not enough.

Sometimes, just sometimes, superstars have their place in the squad. Tevez can be a matchwinner for Manchester United, and what’s more, he can be a regular starter as well.

Will he replace Essien? In spirit, yes, even if we still need Hargreaves to fill that midfield spot.

Let me know what you guys think about Tevez, and whether he’s a good fit for United.