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Hot News Ahead of Barca | Gattuso and the Usual Nonsense

Lads, plenty of stuff to talk about, with the Barca clash round the corner. So let’s get on with it quickly.

First of all some Barcelona news, as Eto’o apparently has threatened to leave the club if they end up trophyless, and that he would move to another country (England, perhaps?). Now he may be an excellent striker, but his attitude just about stinks. I read this at FCB News and I suggest you all keep tabs on your Barcelona related news from there for the next couple of weeks, as it is a pretty reliable source right out of Barcelona.

Nic, of FCB News, has also written a Barcelona perspective on how to overcome United, so it’s a good gauge on their view point. You can comment there, although be nice and avoid winding people up there. 🙂 We’ve had enough wars here already!

Eidur Gudjohnsen has warned that Scholes could be a bigger threat than Ronaldo. I personally think Fergie might not even play the Ginger prince, given he’s not been particularly good over the last few games, although the pace might suit him. Eidur does have a point, though; on his day Scholes would easily be the best player on the pitch and a greater threat, but sadly, those heady days are now few and far between. Carrick would be a better player in Europe on current form and the pace would suit him. But more on formations and tactics later when we preview the game.

As an aside, if Fergie wants to play Scholes in the final (whether we agree with Fergie’s sentimentality or not), he would probably look to play him only on the home leg and protect him from picking up yellow cards like he did in ’99. But these things are irrelevant now and way ahead of what things are at the moment — and I am digressing anyway.

Gudjohnsen, meanwhile, also reckons that United fear Barcelona. Hmm… I think there is mutual fear and respect when two big sides clash anyway. So I really don’t see the point other than trash talking.

Some transfer gossip now. Doesn’t the Gattuso to United rumours strike as a little odd and silly. True, he is much admired by SAF. True, he still runs like a terrier and basically stomps over everyone with his displays. But we are already blessed with a surfeit of midfielders, and I really don’t understand what it would do to us other than unsettling the midfield. Someone would have to be shipped out. A Hargreaves/Gattuso midfield would be good, but that would mean one of Anderson and Carrick would have to be dropped. I just don’t think it’s worth getting him.

Mind, he is a bloody good player, but central midfield is the last position we’d be interested in this summer.

There is some worry in defence as Vidic is still feeling the effects of his return from a knee injury. But he says that he would be fine for Wednesday’s game. So hopefully he turns out right.

Ronaldo wants win in Barca. Now what would I give to see that happen!

Barcelona’s main man, the young Lionel Messi, seems very motivated and had a few kind words for Ronaldo. But he seems fairly determined after missing out on playing the final when the won the Champions’ League. It goes without saying that he is the most important player, and Brown/Evra will have their work cut out on Wednesday. I wonder how Fergie would look to counter his threat. Barcelona are a much better side with the Argentine (and Iniesta) in the team. Carlos Tevez would also be one of the first to recognize the importance of tackling is Argentine mate.

And that’s the end of a Barcelona heavy post. It has to be — after all it’s the semi-finals.

More tomorrow and over to you. And it would be nice, if we take a break from our usual striker debate. Just a suggestion, is all. 🙂