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Heinze Rumours (Again) and Foster’s Injury

There are a some more bits of news that wasn’t talked about in the last post but well, I am not going to be covering everything in this post too, and a few more posts may even follow after this.

As some regular readers may have noticed, our daily “Man Utd Headlines of the Day” post isn’t quite daily enough. I think it has more to do with the rather bad post headline it creates, especially if you want to dig through our archives. So while we will still continue to cover club related news daily, the Headlines of the Day type of a post title will be used less often.

Anyway. Back to the news.

Gaby Heinze in the news again. *Groan* Why do transfer dealings involving Madrid be so tiresome? This time The Times adds its own spin on the rumours which, in fact, isn’t much of a spin either. The article basically says the same old things that we have read and grown tired of these days: “Roberto Carlos has moved to Fenerbahce”, “Heinze can buy out his clause for 6 million quid according to a new ruling” and “Madrid need to fill their gaping void” (something that ought to have been filled ages ago, ever since Carlos lost the ability to run at pace/defend/tackle/score free kicks, which he might have last done in 1998). And blah, blah, blah. Go read that piece, take down notes and come back to this post. Or just stay content with the three quotes that I pulled out from that article that summed up the piece.

So people, the next time you read a piece concerning Heinze, please make sure you find quotes that can be attributed to the player or his agent. Well, scratch agent off, just player will do. And TribalFootball does not count.

Regular visitors would know what yours truly thinks about Heinze and his role in the team. Those not aware can read up over here to refresh themselves. Our other writer Ahmed, has also made good arguments on the Heinze situation.

In short, I love Heinze. He has been unduly criticized on occasions last season. He is a tough character, and if given the chance he will come back strongly next season. Evra is good. No doubt. But the best part of having two left backs: one who is defensively strong and the other who is good while going forward, is that it gives the manager more options to decide who would best suit the situation.

Moving on… Ben Foster appears certain to miss a big part of next season as he will undergo surgery on his knee.

While the Reds’ medical staff have not put a timescale on the 24-year-old’s return to action, he faces a lengthy spell on the sidelines.

This would be a big blow to us as well as the young keeper. We had high hopes for him at the start of this season, with the chance that he might displace EVDS. Although, I think that might have been unlikely. Nonetheless, it certainly rules out rumours that Kuszczak will be sent out on loan. These developments mean that a few strong performances from EVDS would almost guarantee that he will remain No. 1 till the end of next season.