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Heinze Has Gotten On My Nerves

Gabriel HeinzeOkay, needless to say, *Insert RANT ALERT here*.

This site has been doggedly loyal to Heinze, several times sticking its neck out time and time again, that we might have ourselves gotten bored of our Heinze worship. We’ve even pulled Pool fans’ legs in the process. (Not that we will ever stop doing that, though)

But sometimes when you expect certain things to happen and they don’t, life gets a tad frustrating.

Tiresome – but necessary – rant follows.

I know, I know. People will start pointing out to any source (or the lack of it) that show no official quotes from the man himself. People will start pointing out to quotes from the gaffer implicating his agents for trying to engineer a move away from the club. Numerous articles and quotes from the media has been flying around for more than two weeks now.

But we have been hiding from the ‘he hasn’t said anything officially’ stance for far too long.

The latest set of stories that are the rage, all around the media, is the thing about Gaby’s lawyers (or rather, Liverpool’s lawyers) who have decided to sue United over a move to Liverpool.

Now clearly, if Heinze really wanted to stay at United, he’s had enough time after Copa America to dispel all doubts with a few official statements. Or at least he could have spoken something about it. Yes, he did say something to the effect of “things are perfect for me at United”, but that wasn’t very different from Henry saying “I’m an Arsenal player at the moment”, just days before he said goodbye and moved over to Spain. Gaby’s silence over this mess is really frustrating for both – fans and the United management, and even though Fergie seemed bullish about keeping Heinze, I doubt he means he intends to keep him any longer. All he probably wants now is just to make sure the Argentinian doesn’t move to the Dippers.

For a player who was much loved and respected by fans, despite having two injury ravaged seasons, after being voted as the player of the season in 05/06, moving to our most bitter rivals (apart from the other ‘massive’ club in Manchester) would burn bridges beyond repair. Yes, fellow ranters, I did write earlier on why Heinze’s move to Liverpool wouldn’t make much sense to the player, leave alone the club. From a player’s career point of view, our club hasn’t been at a better stage in recent times. We just won the league, made some exciting signings and (while it may be a controversial topic to touch on) our club is raking in healthy revenues. Liverpool have made some good signings, but not many will argue that the momentum is with us.

Which brings me to his silence on all the cuntish (if that’s even a word) things that his agent is up to. If Heinze had even an iota of concern for the fans and the manager that stood by him during his toughest moments, recuperating from injury, he owes it to them to come out, lay the facts bare, and speak his mind. Seriously, at the moment I am so tired of this petty lawyer bullshit that I would give him a rousing goodbye if he comes out and says that he wants to move (to, say, Real Madrid or Juventus).

At least it doesn’t keep us fans in the dark. Of course, saying that he wants to move to Liverpool wouldn’t count, as that would be the greatest form of betrayal.

Sir Alex might succeed after all to keep him from moving to Liverpool, but then, these developments have made one thing clear: that Heinze is no more a player committed enough for the club’s cause. And to keep him or not, will be a question the management will have to ask themselves again. Here’s hoping he gets shipped off to Spain or somewhere like that.

I know it may sound a little melodramatic but, at the end of the day, all we think we deserve from Heinze is a little respect for the club. Just a little bit. Some sense of understanding of being a part of the club that stood by him. That’s all we ask. Sadly, so far, there haven’t been too many indications of that.