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Have Barca given up on United’s target?

1372228346_extras_mosaico_noticia_1_g_0Marca, one of Spain’s most prominent sport newspapers, have today published an article on their English website claiming that Barcelona have given up in their attempt to retain Thiago Alcantara. Often considered Real Madrid’s daily newspaper, Marca’s decision to publish the story is perfectly understandable as the newspaper is always eager to jump at the opportunity to undermine their Catalan rivals.

The article is unlikely to reveal anything previously unknown on Thiago’s future, but given the source we thought it was worth a mention.

“Thiago Alcántara is now enjoying his holidays following success in the U-21 European Championships where he not only played a starring role in the final, scoring a hat-trick, but was named as player of the tournament. Barcelona, meanwhile, is waiting on official confirmation of something it has been expecting for some time now: that Thiago is to leave.

The ‘Azulgrana’ club does not hold out much hope that the academy player will stay. Everything points to his departure despite some of his teammates, such as Xavi, Piqué and Cesc, asking him to be patient. The player’s mind seems to be made up and it is now just a matter of time before the official announcement.

Thiago has a firm offer from Manchester United which, according to ‘The Daily Mail’ is prepared to pay him €6 million a season in a five-year contract. The player will therefore be given star status and the minutes he wants. The fact that he still has not signed for the English club is not because he is considering staying at Barcelona, but down to possible interest from Bayern Munich.

The €18 million the club would collect for Thiago would be a welcome boost to the club’s coffers with a view to tackling the new signings considered as priorities, such as that of the other Thiago: Thiago Silva.”