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Hargreaves Worry | Vidic Is Rather Excellent | Avram Is Rather Boring

A very good morning/afternoon/evening. If you are indeed up in the morning/afternoon/evening, that is. Saturday is not especially a day that witnesses very many early risers. But when there is some football, there will be good enough reason to wake up and look forward to the day.

We aren’t playing on Saturday, which is the downer. But again, it’s the extra day we get and all that, so all’s well. Anyway, now that I have filled some space with irrelevant stuff, I can move on to actual news.

If you were expecting an awful lot of news, you might be disappointed. Not too much stuff, to be honest.

Owen Hargreaves seems certain to miss out on the Chelsea game. This is disappointing and worrisome. He’s having a thigh injury, which is completely independent of the previous injury, which was tendinitis. Hargreaves was arguably our best player when he played and he helped our midfield dominate possession. Hargreaves’ presence against Chelsea would have pushed our chances of winning by miles.

Meanwhile, as we’ve now learned to expect, Neville is also ruled out with a thigh injury.

Sir Alex took some time out to praise iron man Vidic. The lad has been outstanding alongside Rio and we have the best defence in the league, at the moment, along with couple of other sides. He also rightly thinks he can score more goals this season.

“Nemanja reminds me of Steve Bruce in the sense he always asks a question of defenders. He wants to know whether they have the courage to put their head in front of his. There is no question he can play, there is not a doubt about it. But he doesn’t mess about in terms of clearing the ball. He acts like a defender. He got me five goals last season and has already got one this year. I think he can easily get between five and 10 because he has got just the right qualities.”

No doubt about that. Vidic seems fearless either defending or in attack, and ten goals is a fair enough target to push him on.

Meanwhile, Ronaldo is back in the news — again for the wrong reasons — this time, for allegedly stamping on an Everton fan. I just hope things get sorted out and we don’t lose him to another suspension. The kid’s had enough trouble already.

And since there isn’t anything much to say, let’s talk a little about our opponent. Avram Grant has tried to prove to the world that he’s different from Jose. And he started that off by being ultra bland. None of the choice quotes. Predictable assurances that he is not Abramovich’s puppet — which is a contradiction really, because, had he said ‘Roman is a cunt’, then he would surely not be his puppet. Although that would lead to his sacking. Catch-22, innit? Oh well, that’s the least of their problems. Although, if you’ve seen Avram speak, you might have found him sound very similar to Borat – that was about the most interesting aspect of his sound bytes.

We’ll have a match preview tomorrow, where we will warn against writing off the Rent Boys.

Till then, hope every one in the top half of the table drop points today. And vote for Red Rants.