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Hargreaves Facts / Nani’s Goal / And Other News Updates

Hello people.

Lots of tiny bits and pieces of news and non-news floating around. Plenty of activity did happen over the past few days making us people overuse our keyboards for writing articles and posts. Poor keyboards. Must be begging for constant pounding with Counterstrike and FIFA 07 (or Pro-Evolution) games rather than Man United blog posts.

Anyway, let’s get on with the backlog of news that got left out in the heated discussions of our transfer activity.

1. has some lesser known facts about Hargreaves. Most notably, he’s never got a red card in his seven seasons. If that is true, then in the hard tackling hustle and bustle of the English league, I think even a yellow will be hard for him to earn. I’m just kidding anyway.

2. Nani the new United signing scored a goal for Portugal in today’s Euro qualifier win against Belgium. Couldn’t watch the game but read that the goal was against the run of play. Good going kid! Keep that confidence high.

3. As expected Ronaldo welcomed the arrivals of Nani and Anderson terming them “phenomenons”.

“I can only say that United will be stronger because they have signed two great players. Anderson and Nani are phenomenons and the side will be improved a lot by their participation.”
Ronaldo added: “I’m really happy that I will have Nani and Anderson as team-mates. They will be very welcome at Manchester United.”

The the coming of age of Ronaldo this season has already made him a sort of a ‘father figure’ and a role model for the new kids despite his relatively young age. One hopes that rubs onto them too.

4. Little Sam of Bolton has put his little foot down on the Anelka rumours. He does not want to sell him and has intention to budge on his stance. We’ll wait and see if his little foot is planted as firmly on the ground as he thinks it to be.

As an aside, the rumours of Anelka to Manchester United has sent shockwaves into some Gooners too, none other than the Arse top-dog Arseblog.

The idea of Manchester United with Anelka frightens me a bit, I have to say. I know there’s a feeling that sometimes it’s best not to look back but Anelka can’t be happy at Bolton, especially now that Sammy Lee – the smallest football manager alive today – is in charge and despite his history he would certainly add something to our squad.

Oh well! Moving on…

5. Dunga claims that Anderson is a great player in the making. I liked Dunga as a player, the disciplined no-nonsense Brazilian. Dunga the coach has also impressed me with his honest opinions and approach to management. Let’s hope this opinion of his proves right.

6. And finally, some Keano news as papers link him to every old teammate/friend of his as a probable signing. First it was Nicky Butt (which looks fairly believable), then it was Diego Forlan (which you can never say, as the player’s once said that he’s had unfinished business at England – although I think he meant Old Trafford, which is not likely).

Now Keane’s linked with *hold your breath* Paul Scholes. Yes the same red/orange haired guy that plays in central midfield at OT. Nothing more than journalistic banter really, methinks. Although this kind of banter is now getting tiring.

And that about wraps up the news round-up for the moment.