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Grant talks nonsense, Excellent Brian McClair interview, SAF on Bolton

One more day to go before D-day while you notice everything near you getting whipped into a frenzy; the people at Sky will scream themselves hoarse with their ‘Super Duper Ultimate Blockbuster Sunday’.

And in the lead up to that you will have players, managers and anyone with a half-arsed opinion — that includes yours truly — say something about the title race. But for some strange reason everyone’s been harping in unison about Wigan Athletic rolling over for United. Wigan’s, and more importantly Steve Bruce’s, integrity has been questioned by almost everyone. And the Chelsea machine itself has left no stone unturned to make this clear to everyone that there is some major conspiracy in the making — that Wigan will just bend over for United.

Now that they’ve said enough about Wigan, they’ve shifted their attention to another mode of desperation — which is to request the Premier League to have a playoff if teams are level on points. Brilliant innit? Tomorrow we’ll have suggestions from the scouse and the Arse to have semi finals for the top four teams followed by a winner takes all final. It’s a league system silly! A team that’s consistent over a season deserves the title. Even head to head we lead Chelsea 3-2 this season.

Thankfully SAF has a word or two questioning the lack of attention on Bolton compared to Wigan. However he’s not over the top like the entire Chelsea team has been, using just the right set of words to balance all the nonsense we’ve been hearing about Wigan over the past week.

“All you wonderful people in the press have been talking about the integrity of Wigan; all we have seen is Wigan players saying how they will beat Manchester United. Fine. I have no problem with that but then you hear about Bolton players being out all week celebrating. Both teams are safe but one is all keyed up to play Manchester United while the other is out celebrating.”

In fact almost everyone from United who has spoken to the media have only talked about the job at hand, which is beating Wigan. No one’s even talking about Bolton beating or drawing Chelsea. Which is good for us, because, at the end of the day, we need our players to be focused 100% on beating Wigan without thinking much about what happens at the Bridge.

Finally, the Independent has run a very good interview of Brian McClair. It’s an excellent read because he talks about our youth system as well as that of England and why we haven’t really been able to repeat the Scholes, Butts and Nevilles at our academy.

When McClair is asked when the next Scholes or Giggs or Beckham is coming, he answers thus. If the current academy system had been in place in the late 1980s United would not have signed Beckham, who grew up in Essex. McClair does not believe they would have signed the Nevilles either, as they would have been snapped up by Bury at an early age and a prohibitive price put upon them. Scholes, he says, would have been at Oldham Athletic’s academy. Giggs would not have had the chance to leave Manchester City for the club he supported. United might have got Butt; they might not.

Read the whole thing.

Right, I am off to bed now because it’s Saturday and I deserve a longer rest.