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Grant “Believes” | Capello on Rooney | Queiroz Loves Ron

Some United related news to talk about today, as usual. So like real gentlemen, let’s talk about it.

Avram Grant and his title ambitions

It’s come to this. Most fans weren’t too happy when Avram Grant was appointed, and opinion hasn’t changed much now. At this point many Chelsea fans just want the season to be done with and don’t even think that they deserve to win the title — however improbable it may be. Avram Grant thinks the title can still be won. Mathematically, yes. With his style of management, unlikely. Anyway, it’s not my interest to discuss their season at the moment, but towards the end of the article there are some interesting stats thrown about on how some of Fergie’s old pals have done us a favour by nicking points off the ‘big four’. And they are substantial. I am not too much on stats, but it’s interesting reading that.

Queiroz: Ronaldo is priceless

Carlos Queiroz has reiterated that not even £ 97m can force him to part with Ronaldo. There is no way he can let Ronaldo leave United. Good to see the confidence, and hopefully that puts Real off his radar at least for this year, before they again come round circling next year.

To make this even clear, Ronaldo has expressed his frustration at constantly being linked with these clubs. He has for the 5987th time reiterated that he’s “happy at United”. He’s also added a “these rumours make me mad” quote just to confirm that these were not regurgitated quotes from before.

Capello on Rooney

Fabio Capello has been quite impressed with Rooney. He gushes about his superior technique — names him among the best of the England squad — and even tips him for a future role as England captain. He also thinks his finishing needs to be worked on. ‘Constant practice in training sessions’ as an option — which would seem rather obvious. He cites the example of Crespo, and that with time he will improve.

Mikael Silve(rware)stre

Trust me, I was thinking of this pun ever since I saw the headline “Mikael eyes silverware” on It was very tempting to do a tabloidish word play — you know, guilty pleasures and all that. So Mr Easter Island Head (or EIH for convenience) wants to join in and contribute as best as he could to help United achieve double glory. EIH just made his return against Roma, and while he has been prone to the loss in concentration, he is an adequate back up to Evra, who has been running at full pelt for a good part of this season. It’s nice to see useful players of his kind coming in at this crucial juncture — a luxury we weren’t blessed with last season.
Vidic Returns to training

… and is in contention for the Blackburn game. What can I say? Great news, and hope he’s in full flow for Barca.

Other bits and bobs

Well, there’s an article in the Sun where Torres wants to see Barca beat Man Utd. Giggs says that he’ll stop playing when he doesn’t enjoy it anymore or if he feels he’s not performing to a good level.

And that’s about it for the day. Over to you, lads.