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Glazers: Manchester United is not for sale

via Sky Sports:

Reports have indicated that a Chinese consortium made an £850million takeover bid for the club earlier this year. It was claimed that a Midlands-based finance expert made contact with the American owners on behalf of the group.

However, a spokesman for the Glazers has rejected the story and also reaffirmed the family’s commitment to the club.

“There has been no approach from any consortium, there has been no offer and, even if there had, it would not have been considered,” he said.

“The family are absolutely and totally committed to Manchester United over the long term.

“They are determined to make United more successful, both on and off the pitch and are unequivocal in their stance that the club is not for sale.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if clubs like Man Utd and Chelsea came under offers like these several times every year.

Whether you like the Glazers or not, you have to realise that they’re in it for the long haul and financially it makes sense to acquire valuable assets such as Man Utd (even through debts) because over time the debts are paid and the value keeps rising. You’re not going to see the Glazers sell out unless someone offered them tens of billions of dollars, because that’s what they stand to gain in the next couple of decades.

And even then, they’re not going to get out – they are in the sports business, and the value of a brand like Man Utd in your portfolio, over time, is greater than most takeover bids. I doubt that even Roman’s wealth – all of it – could buy us out, especially if the owners have (like they do) a long-term plan for United.