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Manchester United

Glazer family demand £9 billion to sell Manchester United

The Glazer family have slapped an enormous price tag on Manchester United.

According to the Daily Star, the American owners will only consider selling United if they receive a bid of over $10 billion (£9 bn).

The price tag is quite staggering and will put off many prospective buyers.

The Dallas Cowboys are currently the most valuable sports club, worth $8 billion (£7.23bn). They are followed by the New England Patriots, valued at $6.4 billion (£5.4bn).

If anyone matches the Glazers’ asking price for the club, United will become the most valuable sports team in the world.

Comical price tag to put off buying interest by the Glazers

United’s owners have come up with another trick to retain the ownership of the Red Devils.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe recently revealed that the Glazers do not intend to sell the club.

They have owned United since 2005 after their debt-ridden hostile takeover. 

The debt on the club has increased over the years but the owners have still taken out hefty annual dividends for themselves.

They have barely invested in improving the training facilities or helping the community.

At the same time, the team’s failure to win titles has increased the frustration among the fans.

The broken relationship between the fans and owners has reached a stage where the former have had frequent protests demanding the sale of the club.

£9 billion is an astonishing amount. If true, the sale of the club won’t be possible any time soon.