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Giggs’ Honour | Striker Talk

Ryan Giggs has been awarded the OBE honour on the Queen’s birthday, for services to football. He joins Bryan Robson and Beckham as other Man Utd players to have got this honour from the Queen.

Sir Bobby Charlton also spoke of his delight at Giggs’ recognition. And yes, even he wished what much of England have been wishing for a long time: “If only he’d have played for England!” United old boy, Teddy Sheringham was also honoured, although I wonder if it was for his ability to play in the Premiership till the age of 40, or for his very much active sex-life even at the age of 40.

Moving on, Quagliarella has practically asked us to bring him to Old Trafford.

On Thursday the player’s agent, Silvio Pagliari, claimed that United had already made firm their interest in Quagliarella with a big money bid, saying: “One month ago, Manchester United made a £10million offer.

Jade at Soccerlens is quite enthusiastic about him, and really seems to like him. Fair enough. His compilation videos are impressive, especially with those sweet long range shots. However, I am not very convinced about this deal for a reason. If United have to buy a striker, they must buy one who has a more proven and a consistent record. True, Sheva didn’t settle at Chelsea and even other class acts like Morientes have struggled. But at least you are putting money on someone who is proven. Yes, even this argument of mine may seem flawed to some, which brings us to Premiership alternatives that we’ve discussed here in the past.

The thing with strikers in Italy is that in recent times they’ve shown to be terribly inconsistent in their performance. Gilardino blazed a trail for Parma before struggling at Milan. A player like Luca Toni bloomed very late in his career, after several seasons of mediocrity. Many names come and go, but really there very few consistent goal scorers in the Italian league at the moment, save for your Tottis and Kakas. Even Adriano’s form has tapered off. Of course, it wouldn’t be right to generalize, so we’ll leave the discussion here for you to ponder.

And the Gudjohnsen rubbish has even made it to, who quote papers and people to summarize that the rumours were, in fact, rubbish. At least that’s what I want to think. I don’t want 9 million spent on a player who was shunted to a withdrawn striker’s role in Chelsea despite Drogba, Kezman and co being really shite over the two seasons before he moved over to the Nou Camp.

And finally, Manuel Fernandes, Nani’s childhood buddy warned the media to not expect too much from him too soon, which I think is fair. I really don’t expect him to blaze a trail straightaway. At present, a fit Park would be ahead of him in the pecking order, and we must let him take his time to improve and learn from his senior, Ronaldo. Ditto for Anderson.

And yes, a personal word to Nani. Every time you do those flips it will make my heart, those of the fans, and that of Fergie’s skip several beats. Please cut them down. Sir Alex is getting older by the day, and you do want your old man’s heart to beat normally.