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Gerrard: “I had a United shirt as a kid”

Steven Gerrard has been pretty much on every single newspaper over the last couple of days, since he announced his decision to leave Liverpool at the end of the season and relocate to the MLS.

It turns out that the last bastion of proper football, the Liverpool icon and just about to the greatest player to have ever played the sport, wasn’t such a keen Liverpool fan when he was younger and even had a United shirt.

“Up until the age of eight I could have supported anyone,” Gerrard told Four Four Two.

“When I was younger I had all kinds of different kits: Tottenham, Norwich, Real Madrid, Barcelona… I even had a United kit.

“We had a few Everton fans in the family who were trying to get me down the Blue road, but once I started understanding the game and listening to my dad and brother talk about Liverpool’s great history, that was it.”

Undoubtedly people on Merseyside will claim Gerrard never said such words and that is all a conspiracy.