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Gattuso, Berbatov, Owen – Debunking Some Rumours

We here at Red Rants fully understand that the summer period is possibly the toughest one to get by, for fans. It also gets quite tedious for many of us here having to deal with a lot of transfer speculation that the tabloids strive to manufacture on a daily basis, usually in the form of ‘Exclusives’. Anyway, we will attempt at clearing the air over some of the speculation that we feel are absolutely ridiculous.

We’ll quickly start off with three names making the rounds around tabloids and some blogs too, who are quite possibly trying to play the role of online pseudo tabloids.

Gennaro Gattuso

Soccerblog proudly presents this gem of news that has been done and dusted with aeons ago. True, Gattuso’s wife is British. He might love to play in England. And he is bloody effingly good at his football. But all that does not translate to a move to Old Trafford. Reason? Well for one, he’s ruled out leaving Milan and revealed his plans to see out his contract which is at least 3 years from finishing, after which he might be better served playing either for the SPL or other footballing retirement homes such as the MLS or whichever club Big Sam might choose to coach. Anyway, point is, if he wants to see out a three year contract, he might at least see the need to stay at least a year before rumours begin resurfacing. So for the next season, he’s definitely not coming. The season after next? Well, he might be a year too old by then.

Dimitar Berbatov

Spurs will be nuts (no I’m sorry, cuckoo is a better word) if they allow a repeat of what happened with Carrick, if they want to maintain some semblance of respect (whatever is left of it) for their club. Selling Berbatov, although United will be among the first few to pounce if Jol relents, is highly unlikely with his agent stating he is going to stay at least for another season. Well, with these agents, you never know.

Michael Owen

Possibly the most laughable of them. So funny, a Monty Python movie might appear solemn. However in the light of the rumoured 9 million pound get-out clause their can be only two possibilities. One: Owen turns out to be a cash hungry cunt – a la Cashley Cole, and two: ants enter the brains of Freddy Shepherd and that of whoever takes over as manager at the Toon and threaten to eat up their brains if they don’t agree to let go of Owen. Either way, Owen, despite his reputation doesn’t look like he might interest SAF. So bringing us back to this rumour being laughable, Hahahahahaha and slap on back of nearest neighbour.

Let us know what you think the chances of these targets coming to United are. I repeat, chances of them coming over, factoring in all kinds of situations, and not on what quality they’ll bring to the line up. We know they are reasonably fine players.



  1. Ahmed Bilal

    10 May 2007 at 09:13

    Not just reasonably fine, but actually United starting XI material.

    Other that you’re absolutely right – these three aren’t coming here, I doubt they’re even on SAF’s list

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  3. Red Ranter

    10 May 2007 at 23:05

    Reasonably fine was inserted as an intentional understatement. Clearly hasn’t conveyed the desired effect. Oh well!

  4. a_noctor

    11 May 2007 at 03:49

    Mate I don’t think you need to be Einsten to relaise that Hargreaves is going to be one of the players, I just hope we don’t oay over the odds (as usual). Expect some success related deal. The other two I would say will be a striker and wide player. Berbatov I would not rule out, he really is a Man U type player in the Eric Cantona mould, will be difficult to prise away though and will cost a bomb. Eto probably cost more, forget that one. Then you have Tores who for me prefers the sound of his own voice too much, one day he’s leaving the next he is not, quality but he is not gonna. come neither. SIr wants pace, this to me suggests DEFOE, don’t know why just a hunch. nani I believe will be the third player, giving us more options with Giggs getting on…..OH AND ONE MORE PLAYER, Gudjonson could be on his way, pacy I think not meaning maybe as a back up?

  5. a_noctor

    11 May 2007 at 03:51

    Berbatov an outside chance, the other two no chance. Hargreaves for sure, Nani I believe, and a fast striker (Eto, Defoe,Torres). Gudjhonson outside chance.

  6. Rylie

    11 May 2007 at 05:29

    1. Never
    2. Not for a while
    3. Unlikely, but plausible.

    I think you pretty much summed it up. But for arguments sake:

    I actually think Owen is the most likely out of the three. Owen would be looking for a chance to play Champs Lge. again and maybe wanting to have some domestic trophies. Both of which will be sorely lacking if Owen stays with the Magpies. So a move by him may not be predicated on money alone. Manchester will fit both of those bills nicely for Owen. I do think it would be difficult for him to turn his back on the support he has been given tho.

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  8. maxamed bile

    21 May 2007 at 20:42

    i think manchester united wont OWEN



  9. maxamed bile

    21 May 2007 at 20:59

    owen the best pleyer ////////////////////// maxamed bile from somalia
    information future





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