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Gareth Bale would be a World Class signing

Rumours, rumours, rumours. That’s all we hear about in the summer. The supposed return of Cristiano Ronaldo who now looks as if he’s likely to sign a new deal at the Bernabeu. Thiago Alcantara has joined Bayern Munich, and we all thought he was joining the champions, Manchester United. It even turned out that we had not even officially made a bid. Kevin Strootman joined Roma, another player we missed out on. But did we really want him? Or even need him? There were lots of rumours about him too. So the next rumour going round is Tottenham’s Gareth Bale.

Is it true? And Do we need him?

Well, no-one knows if the club are interested in the player, but let’s be honest, who wouldn’t be?! He is a 24 year old, 6ft 1 attacking midfielder with the ability to score goals from anywhere. Last season, Bale scored a tremendous 21 goals in the league, from playing left midfield. He was the highest-scoring midfielder in the Barclays Premier League and was also named PFA player of the year, and PFA young player of the year. Recently, he has been strongly linked with Real Madrid, and according to Marca (Spanish magazine), he has agreed a 6 year deal with the club. Then, the opposite happened, Spurs boss Andre Villas Boas claimed ‘He is not for sale’. I believe if they had agreed a fee for the winger then we would have heard about it. The source is also known to sometimes be unreliable, and I do not believe this story.

The player is in the price region of around 60-80m, and many people are saying Spurs are interested in signing Wayne Rooney. This could result in a player and cash deal. I’d offer Rooney and 15m, that would be a fair offer in my opinion. Gareth Bale is better than Rooney in my opinion, and Wayne also believes he is bigger than the club, which is an attitude we don’t tolerate.

How would Bale fit into the team?

I would play him in our 4-2-3-1 formation, which worked supremely well last season. I think he should play in Rooney’ central position, the centre of the attacking three. This would mean that he would have get more possession of the ball and is not stuck out wide. He would be able to score more goals as well, because he would be in a better position to shoot. If we keep Rooney, I would put Rooney in the middle and Bale on the left. This would work, and we get to keep one of our best players. At the end of the day, where ever you put Bale, you know he will score goals and do well, so he would fit perfectly into the first eleven every week and would be our first choice left midfielder.

Is this possible? Or is it just silly paper talk?

Well, I think it is possible. Gareth Bale would not want to be playing Europa League football, he should be playing champions league as he is one of Europe’s best players and would be wasted in the Europa League. Also, Manchester United have the money to pay the fees, and David Moyes knows what Bale can do. I’m sure he’d like to sign him, because he is one of the worlds best players. A problem is Daniel Levy, he will only get the best offer from us and will not give us any bargains.

To conclude, I think Bale would be a world class signing for any team, and I would love to see him at Manchester United. He would be an integral part of the team. He would score world class goals and help us to retain our title, which is what we need. Lets hope David Moyes is interested, and approaches Tottenham about the player.