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Former Man United CEO David Gill delivers his verdict on Sir Jim Ratcliffe and INEOS

Former Manchester United chief David Gill has said he is ‘positive’ about Sir Jim Ratcliffe and INEOS’ minority investment into the club.

Gill spent a decade at Man United as their CEO and worked in tandem with Sir Alex Ferguson.

The 66-year-old shared his views on the soon-to-be new owners on Rio Ferdinand’s YouTube channel Five.

He said: “Jean-Claude Blanc was at Juventus and then Paris Saint-Germain.

I think he’s an experienced executive in the football world and knows what works and what doesn’t work. I think that’s positive. 

“Dave Brailsford has shown, albeit in slightly different sports, that he’s a winner as well, and I think he will leave no stone unturned and think, for example, ‘What’s happened with this appointment?’

“It (INEOS’ minority investment) has got to get approved by the Premier League. But they’re prepared to act quickly and they understand we have to win. 

“You’re not guaranteed it, but we have to win and get that into everyone.

“I am (excited). I think there will be some good moves and I think there are a lot of very good people at Manchester United. It’s not as if we have to get rid of all these people. 

“I just think they need a new direction, a new motivation, and a new outlook, and I think we’ve got that. So I am positive. But the proof will be in the pudding.”

INEOS must perform a complete diagnosis to understand current flaws

New investment and ideas should bring fresh impetus to United. Brailsford and Blanc will reportedly join the board.

Ratcliffe wasted no time recruiting Omar Berrada, Man City’s former Chief operating officer, as United’s new CEO.

The initial actions of the British billionaire show that he and his team are highly ambitious and eager to bring success back to the Theatre of Dreams. 

Gill and Ferguson were the catalysts behind the sustained period of success at Old Trafford.

The club’s new investors must take a leaf out of their book as they begin their era.

INEOS must find the root cause of the issues that have pulled United down over the last decade.

They can improve the club on and off the pitch if they can drill down into the problems.

From transfers to scouting, everything needs to be assessed.