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It’s Friday, and I am looking to spread link love (link blog for the uninitiated) so here are some United related links worthy of, well, linking.

The Taylor-Ronaldo tussle was about the most remarkable incident to have come out of the Newcastle game. While there were reports on what transpired in the tunnel, Taylor came out and denied the stories that were circulating around. So Chris Toy, who runs the rather brilliant daily footy related comic strip, Studs Up, came up with his version of the story.

Kiss and make up, as they say.

Meanwhile Arsene Wenger has theorized why Ronaldo gets fouled often. He’s arrogant, and it’s costing him, he says.


Footballers, while lunging full stretch at a tricky winger, have all the time in that split second to visualize said tricky winger’s character certificate and ascertain if he has to pull out of his full blooded challenge or not. Always trust the Frenchman to belch words of wisdom. From his arse.

The next link is more for your listening pleasure. Those of you who don’t listen to podcasts, well, if you love football, I’d recommend Guardian’s Football Weekly podcast. Yesterday’s was another good episode. They are usually quite witty, and irreverent. Click here to listen. You could also subscribe to them on itunes or your RSS reader.

Fernando Torres says he’s not the cause of Liverpool’s slump. This after Benitez said his injury was the chief reason for their stuttering season. A slight difference of opinion?

And finally, here’s a link on how to stop a penalty. Brought to you by Ben Foster.

Will add more links during the day.