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Football odds available at William Hill on any match in any league

Where do you start to look to find the most attractive football odds out there?

Results now and later

Everyone is different when it comes to placing a bet on football. The first decision to make in finding the best odds is whether you prefer betting on a current match where you will soon know the result or a competition which ends in a few months time. For example, predicting the winner of the FA Cup, when the third round hasn’t yet taken place will leave you with better odds than if you place a wager at the quarter-final stage of the competition. If you’re too impatient to wait for those kinds of football odds though, you can be sure that the weekend’s fixtures will provide plenty of options.

Single bet or a combination?

The next decision to make is whether you prefer placing money on an aspect of a single match or taking a punt on a series of games. Betting on a combination of results, such as five home wins from the weekend fixture list, gives you longer odds and a massive potential win. Stick to a single match though and you’re more likely to place a winning bet, although the rewards are not as lucrative. Nonetheless, there are still plenty of exciting markets within a single fixture. You can place money on anything from the time of the first goal to the first goalscorer or the number of corners in the match.

Bet and watch at the same time

With the ‘in play’ feature at William Hill online, you can place a bet after the game has started. As the game ebbs and flows, the odds fluctuate. It’s an exciting way to find the best football odds.