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Fletch Wants To Stay. Do You Want Him?

Darren Fletcher has quashed reports that he will be moving to another club during the January window. He seems as determined as ever to fight his way back into the team.

“I never heard anything about Birmingham being interested, I just know I want to be here for a long time. My only focus is on being ready when the manager needs me and being able to perform for the club when asked.”

I personally like the lad. He’s certainly is a very limited player in comparison with others in the central midfield position. The arrival, and surprisingly excellent performances, of Anderson and the assurance of Hargreaves, when he plays, has made Fletcher make only 15 appearances so far this season.

The other great part about players like O’ Shea and Fletcher that separates us from clubs like Chelsea and Pool is that they love being a part of the squad and do the job when called upon. They wouldn’t throw tantrums about being made to sit on the bench. They make the job of the manager so much more easier.

However with better players coming in to our squad — next season will probably see another few additions, as well as the promotion of hot prospects like Darron Gibson to our first team squad — his chances will certainly be limited.

It is his long term future that could be under question. While O’Shea’s versatility will still see him find a place in our side, no matter what, Fletcher will surely be crowded out of the midfield department. So as a footballer is it right for him to stay at the club in the next season. Loyalty may be great and much appreciated, but I am sure a lot of Reds may not break too much sweat if he were to leave.

Don’t get me wrong, he has been a great servant for United as a squad player despite the fact that he’s been mocked by many fans about being the apple of SAF’s eye for being Scottish. He could easily walk into many mid table clubs too — which is why the McLeish rumours abound. But long term, I believe he won’t be at United maybe a year from now.

What do you think? Would Fletch be here next season?